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Hi fellow mamas! I am beyond honored and excited to join the Des Moines Mom team. Five years ago, writing was never something I thought I’d agree to, but it has become the best outlet for me over years of infertility and motherhood. It has also introduced me to an amazing community of other women who have become some of my closest friends and greatest support system. My hope in joining this team is that I continue to meet more moms and help provide a safe space and empathetic ear for any mom who needs it.

I grew up in the small town, Rockwell City, in northwest Iowa. Once I got to college, I stressed to figure what I wanted to do for a career. The only thing I’d ever been sure of was that I was meant to be a mom. Yes, I’m one of those. So I found the closest thing and graduated from Iowa State with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development.

Betsy Hemesath
photo by Chelsea Kyaw

While I was in college, I met my now husband, Marcus. He was attending medical school in Des Moines. In 2013, we both graduated, got married, and moved to St. Louis for his residency all within three months. In St. Louis, I found a job I adored doing behavioral therapy with children newly diagnosed with Autism.

The four years we spent in St. Louis, though, will forever hold a significant time in our marriage as we struggled with infertility and building our family. In Marcus’s final year of residency, we welcomed our first son, Daxon, through adoption. I left my job and began the only career I ever truly knew I was destined for, motherhood.

Seven months later, we were beyond excited to head back to Iowa where we both grew up and all of our family lives. When Daxon was one, we pursued IVF and somehow became one of the “lucky ones” that got pregnant on our first round. After a rough pregnancy, preeclampsia, and an early delivery at 36 weeks, we welcomed our second son, Pacyn.

The next year was one of my hardest as a mom as I struggled with postpartum anxiety and a challenging infant and emotional toddler. Marcus and I always imagined having a big family, but in that time, I wasn’t sure I could handle another pregnancy or adoption journey. I decided to focus on my two sweet boys and being the best mom I could for them. Shortly after Pacyn’s first birthday, though, we were beyond surprised to find ourselves pregnant again. No IVF. No medical procedures. After a fairly easy pregnancy, I delivered our baby girl, Maren, in 2020 during a global pandemic.

photo by Chelsea Kyaw

Maybe it’s the anxiety meds, my new obsession with coffee, or the lack of time to do anything “perfectly” but I feel like I’m hitting my stride in parenting. I’d confidently say my parenting style is organized chaos, and our days are currently filled with art projects, snuggles, superheroes, wrestling, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and PJ Masks. I’m the first to admit that every day comes with its challenges and some are easier than others, but there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing with my time.

More than anything, I think moms need each other. We need to feel supported by each other. I am a firm believer that we all have our own stories and journeys and feelings that we need to honor. I hope in joining this team my stories of chaos and big feelings will leave other moms knowing they are seen and supported.

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Betsy is a stay at home mom to two handsome, energetic boys and a sweet baby girl. Most days are spent chasing after little boys, reading books, and playing superheroes, but she loves spending any extra time she can painting, cooking, writing, listening to music or audiobooks, or being outside. After years of infertility and now as a mom through both adoption and IVF, Betsy loves connecting with, supporting, and advocating for those on their own personal journey with infertility or adoption. Follow her family’s story and connect with her on Instagram @betsydearnoone.


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