Recovering from the May Marathon


I survived the month of May, and I feel like I ran a marathon. Not literally, because, ewww.

But, May is SO busy these days, isn’t it??? This year for me it was particularly brutal. It was my first year back to having my own classroom. It also marked the first year both my boys were in competitive league baseball.

Between baseball games, driving to and from practices, grading (ALL the grading) field trips, graduations, appointments, you name it, it felt like I never got the chance to sit down. Unless, of course, I was in the car. Or grading papers. Have I mentioned grading papers?

Christine puts it perfectly in her post, May is the New December. I remember reading that and relating to it so much! We are all just exhausted and although summer is in sight, there is that desperation at the end…will we make it? Can we do it?

Well, yes. We can.

Why? Because we are moms and that is what we do best. We keep on keepin’ on. That’s what we do. Even though May can get super stressful, it’s up to us to model for our children how to handle busy situations or times when we fail at making all the things work. It’s okay for them to see that we say no to certain things too.

If you found yourself exhausted at the end of May like I did, know you’re not alone. Hopefully, summer will be a time to rest and recoup, free from such a rigorous schedule.

We made it. We finished the May marathon, and now we can put our feet up and breath a deep sigh of relief.

What will you do to relax now that summer has begun?

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Jennifer Gordon George
Jennifer is a single mom of two boys. She does her best to get to places on time, despite being a chronically late person and the fact that neither she or her boys are morning people. She recently went back into the classroom after staying home for nine years to raise her kids, and she credits her sanity and success at this endeavor to the fact that she has incredibly supportive parents, family, and friends. She also has a network of single moms that truly “get it” and who encourage her on a daily basis. When she’s not hanging out with her kiddos, Jennifer enjoys writing at a coffee shop, trying new restaurants, or catching up with friends.


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