Massage Heights Lakepointe Center Valentine’s Day Giveaway


Massage Heights Lakepointe Center in Clive has a great Valentine’s special for that lucky loved one in your life!

For $99, you can get a 90 minute massage + 3 elevations, or for $114, you can get a 90 minute facial + 3 elevations! With one quick stop, you are done with Valentine’s shopping, and you have the best gift for your special someone – time away and relaxation! 

valentine's day massage facial special

What are massage elevations?

Massage elevations are the extra add-ons that take your massage experience to the next level! Best of all, you don’t have to pick just one – you can enjoy all three with the Valentine’s special!

Hot Stone Therapy – The heat from hot stones helps release tension by relaxing the muscles, making your massage even more effective. Heat also helps expand the blood vessels so blood can circulate through the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins and help it mend.

Revitalizing Face Massage – The combination of soothing warm towels and cool stones revitalizes your senses and allows beneficial oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the skin. This allows for improved circulation by helping skin cell turnover and circulation, and it may also help alleviate sinus issues.

Reviving Foot Scrub – The therapist will start by applying an all-natural Revive seaweed scrub to to your feet to provide maximum hydration and exfoliation. Next, they will wrap your feet with warm towels to allow the muscle tissue to soften and pores to open. Once the scrub is removed, the therapist will follow up with our Revive Body Butter to moisturize the skin and work deeper into the muscle tissues of your tired feet and legs.

What are facial elevations?

Facial elevations are add-ons to make your facial experience a customized experience based on your skin’s needs.

Skin Enriching – This allows for deeper penetration of their Dermalogica skin care products and increase speed of results. Additional benefits: reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases your youthful look by lifting and firming your skin, aids in eliminating and preventing acne, reduces dark under eye circles, and eye inflammation.

Skin Refining – Enriched oxygen eliminates acne-causing bacteria, has a healing effect on skin, stimulates circulation, and helps oxygenate the skin. Additional benefits include aid in eliminating and preventing acne.

Skin Purifying – This promotes deep cleansing by loosening cellular blockages and increasing the skin’s natural function to remove waste products and slough off unhealthy skin. Your revived, youthful skin will look, feel, and function naturally.

The base value of the 90 minute massage + 3 elevations is $237.99 and for the 90 minute facial + 3 elevations is $260.99, but the Valentine’s special helps you spoil someone without breaking the bank! 

For $99, you can get a 90 minute massage + 3 elevations or for $114, you can get a 90 minute facial + 3 elevations!


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Massage Heights Valentine’s Day Giveaway Details

Massage Heights Lakepointe Center – Clive is giving away a 90 minute massage + 3 free elevations or a 90 minute facial + 3 free elevations. You can choose between a 90 minute massage or facial, each with 3 elevations included. All you have to do is “like” their Facebook page and then comment there that Des Moines Moms Blog sent you.
This giveaway ends Thursday, February 9 at midnight. Good luck!
This post was sponsored by Massage Heights Clive.


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