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I had the pleasure of enjoying a facial at Massage Heights in Clive earlier this month. I had never had a facial before in my life, but I was excited for something new and refreshing. As I age, and my skin ages, I am realizing the importance of skin care. And of “me time”. Growing up, I didn’t have very many acne breakouts, except for a few trouble spots with normal hormone spikes associated with teenage girls. I was anxious about this facial. Anxious to hear how my skin really looked, if I did a decent job taking care of it, if I had questionable moles. All of these worries were quickly put to rest.

My Experience

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Massage Heights

I picked an evening that worked for my hubby to watch the kids, and promptly made an appointment at the Massage Heights closest to me, in Clive off of University. I was able to get an appointment at six o’clock! I was greeted and encouraged to browse the products as I waited for my therapist. It was a calm environment and I happily enjoyed the wait in peace and quiet, without little voices interrupting my zen. My therapist, Linda, came out to meet me and ask a couple questions. She then led me back to a peaceful, dark room. After I was all situated, and ready to take a nap, Linda came back in. She methodically went over the procedure and Dermalogica’s products with me, answered any questions and made small talk as she began to cleanse and moisturize my face.

What I Learned

My mother always had “oily” skin. Everything she bought was for “oily” skin. Growing up, I was always paranoid that my skin was oily too. I refrained from using lotion too much, I washed it when I showered, and I paid attention to what I put on it. I just assumed that I would have oily skin too. As Linda cleansed my face, she also did a “speed mapping skin analysis”. She covered my eyes with cool pads and had a big magnifying glass and a bright light that she used to take a better look at my face. It didn’t take long to determine that I did NOT have oily skin, rather my face was dehydrated. I had spent all these years depriving my skin of the moisture it so desperately needed. She also told me that my moles looked normal, and that I didn’t have any signs of premature aging. Just the normal wrinkles of a 26 year old.


About Massage Heights

Since April 4, national massage chain Massage Heights has been offering affordable, quality skin treatments in 35+ locations around the country (including 4 in the Des Moines area!). They have partnered with Dermalogica®, world renowned skincare company, to provide spa-like, professional skin therapy services in the participating Massage Heights retreats. There are four locations in the Des Moines area that have been offering the face services, including Retreats in Clive, Ankeny, Ames and Des Moines.

What does this mean for spa-lovers on a budget? Not only can guests receive affordable massages at this spa-like retreat, but guests can also choose from a variety of affordable skin treatments, while still receiving the level of service available at a five-star resort. All skin treatments are performed by Professional Skin Therapists, who are licensed aestheticians specifically trained on Dermalogica® products and procedures at The International Dermal Institute, recognized worldwide as the premier provider of postgraduate skin care education. This means you can leave the kids at home and enjoy an affordable massage AND facial at the same retreat!

I left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and educated.

I am confident on the proper way to take care of my skin, to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. I vowed to start spoiling myself more with facials and to come back soon for a much needed massage. And the relaxing, adult “girl” talk was an added bonus! I highly recommend treating yourself to a facial, or any other treats that Massage Heights has to offer!

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