Make Game Day Easier With Lucky Potluck

Flickr photo by Ed Yourdon

Football season = Fun times.

Even though the Super Bowl is still 1 1/2 weeks away, many of our husbands are already talking party plans.

My best advice to those of you Mamas planning those Super Bowl Parties: Coordinate your football potluck effortlessly with Lucky Potluck.

It makes potluck planning easier than you could ever imagine!

All you have to do is set up your event on the site, and everyone adds what they are bringing.  It saves SO much time instead of exchanging all those phone calls and text messages. And, we all know we wouldn’t want TOO many people bringing little smokies or the whole house would smell even worse. Okay…maybe that’s just me.

Here’s a quick look at what a sample SuperBowl Party looks like using Lucky Potluck.

Know that this is not just an amazing tool for the SuperBowl. Use Lucky Potluck to make planning ANY group meals easier and more efficient. Whether you are coordinating a church function, daycare/school luncheon or your next family gathering – make it easy on yourself and your guests. After all, us Mamas deserve one thing in life to be a little easier, right?

Here are some highlights of

  • Good for planning: potlucks, holiday meals with large families, school parties
  • It’s free (ad supported).
  • You can let people add whatever they want, or you can restrict to what you need and let people sign up for that item. (Think little smokies…)
  • Only the person that creates the potluck needs to create an account.  The attendees won’t need to sign up on the site.
  • If you have a “recurring” potluck, you can copy previous potlucks during setup. (Super helpful for that monthly playgroup.)
  • On the potluck’s page, you can have a running dialog with the attendees’ either with Facebook’s commenting service, or’s own

Be sure to check out Lucky Potluck on the web or Facebook, and happy tailgating!

Lucky Potluck did not give me any suggestions, product or payment to write this post.  All opinions expressed above are my own.


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