10 Reasons Why This Cali Girl Loves Living In Iowa


Green Iowa road sign. Living in Iowa. Des Moines MomMy family recently relocated from California to Iowa. And almost every time we have to do something and show our IDs people gasp and say, “Why in the world would you move from California to Iowa?!” I can understand, being someone who never thought they would ever move back to Iowa why this is shocking!  However, aside from desperately missing people, and the weather – this former Cali girl loves living in Iowa.

10 Reasons I Love Living In Iowa

  1. No Traffic – This is probably a no-brainer, but seriously there is no traffic here and it is glorious! And no, lots of traffic lights do not count as traffic. Traffic is when it takes you 2 hours to travel 4 miles.  
  2. Everyone Genuinely Wants to Help – Honestly, everyone really wants to help. I had to call the post office and a real person answered the phone AND helped me get what I needed. It was strange and amazing.
  3. Change of Seasons – Okay, right about now I am TRULY missing California weather.  However, I do love the change of seasons. Having the cold really makes you appreciate the warmth!
  4. Meat Counter – I am obsessed with the meat counters! I love all of the options, from premixed fajitas to SO many great steak and chicken options. It’s fantastic.
  5. Work Stops at 5 pm – I know this isn’t always the case for everyone, but for us, work finally ends at 5. My husband’s previous job had super crazy insane hours. And no, he isn’t a brain surgeon. He would sometimes work overnight at a moment’s notice. So, this whole getting off at 5 on the dot is pretty awesome for our family.
  6. Activities – When we told people we were moving to Iowa, they were like, what is there to do there? Which I realize is simply a case for someone to travel outside of California.  But the truth is, there are so many activities here! Concerts, sports games, museums, farmers markets, and more!  
  7. Parking – This ties into the above activities category, but I had to make it a separate line item because it is such a big deal as a girl who recently moved from Cali to Iowa.  There is always ample parking. Now, I realize for those of you who are used to living in Iowa it feels like parking even a space further than necessary is extreme. However, for me, the fact there are parking spots everywhere is insane. Like, legitimately a miracle.
  8. It’s Not That Far – I have friends who live in Minneapolis and Iowa City, and it’s not really that far to drive. Because there is no traffic, everything seems so accessible. When we lived in California, we had friends who lived 47 miles away. But we never went to see them because it was a good 2.5 to 3-hour trek, and we just didn’t want to be in that much traffic. 
  9. Time – I know this sounds a bit strange, but honestly it feels like there is just so much more time here. Now, this may be because we have adopted the midwest dinner time which is around 5:30-5:45. This gives us a lot more time in the evenings. But I feel like I have so much more time here.
  10. Night Sky – One thing I took for granted is the ability to see the stars at night. Here in Iowa, you can see thousands of stars at night. I love it. 

I know, it seems strange that this Cali girl loves living in Iowa, but it’s true! Why do you love living in Iowa?


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