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As a busy mother of three, I find it increasingly difficult to be creative with what/how I teach my children.  I definitely want be a huge part of their learning process!  So, needless to say, I was excited when I found out I would be reviewing Little Passports!

So, what is Little Passports?

Little Passports is a monthly mailing that allows your child to travel the world or the USA (I reviewed the World edition) with Sam and Sofia (the characters)!  The first month is very exciting, as your child receives their suitcase to store all their Little Passport souvenirs.  They also receive their first letter from Sam and Sofia, a wall sized map to track their travels, a passport, stickers, an activity sheet, and a collectible boarding pass with a secret code to access online games.  The adventure begins!  Hallie was fascinated with the world map and loved helping me find the different locations so we could complete her activity sheet together.  Truth be told, I am geographically challenged, so I was learning right along with her!  It was so much fun!

After a few days of Hallie asking me when she would be getting her letter from Sam and Sofia (I am not inflating this!  She loved it!), I decided to let my hubby do the next month’s mailing with her.  They traveled to Japan where Sam and Sofia told her all about their experiences on Mt. Fuji and at Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world!  Hallie was most excited about the Origami activity she completed.  She also enjoyed decorating her suitcase with the stickers Sam and Sofia sent her!  I should add, Harper (my 3 year old), enjoyed these activities right along side of them too!

Little Passports Explorer Kit

Little Passports also has an Online Boarding Zone where your child will gain access to educational activities designed for each month’s countries.  For example, after our visit to Japan, Hallie learned about traditional Japanese Shinto “wish tablets” as well as Japanese food.  Your child can also explore the country more in-depth by taking a virtual tour where they will find interesting photos and facts!

Would I recommend Little Passports?

YES!  It is an easy, fun way to travel the world with your child without ever buying a plane ticket.  It exposes them to using a map and finding different countries and cities around the world.  It not only allows them to find different places on the map, it exposes them to the culture of those countries!

Little Passports does a great job of capturing a child’s attention by sending age appropriate souvenirs in each kit.  I also loved how the fist mailing included a suitcase so each of the souvenirs are easily stored and organized!  Plus, it is an affordable and mom-friendly way to get involved in your child’s education!

Hallie just asked me again…”Mom, when is my letter from Sam and Sofia coming?!”  I better get on getting the subscription!!

USA Discovery KitConnect with Little Passports

Connect with Little Passports:

You can find more information online at, follow them on Facebook, and Twitter @littlepassports.

Disclosure: I was given one USA World Kit to use to develop this review but all opinions expressed above are my own. DMMB did not receive compensation for this post. 

Today’s Giveaway is a 3-month subscription to your choice of either the World OR USA editions! Perfect for your Spring Break trip or stay-cation, or beating the end of the winter blues!

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  1. I think this is an EXCELLENT idea!  How fun would it be to teach my little guy about places other than his house and his environment!  😉


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