Life Happens. How to Pay For All of Life’s Events  

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It is said that ‘life happens.’ Sometimes the AC unit goes out in the middle of a July heatwave. Sometimes your back hurts so much after shoveling for days that you go out and buy the biggest snowblower you can find. You name it. It happens. A loan is needed. 

However, not all things that happen in life are bad. Maybe you have been dreaming of a pool in your backyard. Or you want to build the best treehouse in the world for your kids. Or maybe you just want the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. 

Whatever your life entails and whatever is on your wishlist, it is time to start thinking about how to make it a reality. Because let’s face it, you deserve to be happy. 

loanEstimated costs of things in life:

  • Vacation to Disney World (Family of Four, 6 nights/7 days): Estimated $5,000 
  • Braces: Averages around $5,000/kid
  • Kitchen Remodel in Central Iowa: $27,986 
  • Building a Man Cave: As little as a few hundred to upwards of $10,000
  • Emergency Furnace Installation: $2,500 – $6,000

There are many ways you can go about paying for all of those things in life: save for them, put it on a credit card, borrow against your house, or ask your parents … Nah … we don’t want to do that! 

But for these life moments (some planned and some unplanned) there are a few unique loans that can help you pay for them. 

When it’s time for a kitchen upgrade

You are in luck! Community Choice has a loan just for things you want for your home. It’s called a Homestyle Loan. A lot of people buy a house knowing they have some updating to do, or things they want to change to make the house “theirs.” Or maybe you’ve been spending so much time in your home this year that you’ve realized how much you really need to change certain features of your home. 

The Homestyle Loan is designed to help you make your home “yours.” So, if you want an all-white kitchen, or you want to add a super-modern pedestal bathtub, this loan will make that dream a reality.

You’re expecting TWINS!

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that the average family would spend $284,570 on each child over the course of 18 years. Then there is college, cars, weddings, and grandkids! 

Life has a way of dumping a bucket of cold water on you and that’s where the Lifestyle Loan comes into play. It is a loan for whatever life throws at you. For instance, you find out you are pregnant and then find out its twins (or triplets!). Alternatively, maybe you just want to go back to school to get an MBA through night classes. This loan is designed to help you live a life that is UNiquely yours. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Life is what you make it. Always has been. Always will be.”

That is what this loan is all about. If you are ready to start your family through adoption, the Lifestyle Loan is here. Want to update your wardrobe? It’s time for a Lifestyle loan. Or maybe take a dream vacation, the Lifestyle loan is here for you. 

Perhaps you just want to wake up with a smile each and every day?

With a Happy Loan, you can get now whatever makes you happy without the wait! Life is too short to wait for the happy things to come along. This loan makes it a reality today! 

It’s true … whatever makes you happy is what this loan is all about. 

  • Want a weekend trip with the girls? Done! 
  • A new swing set in the backyard for the kids. Done! 
  • A quick getaway with your spouse; free of kids? Done! 

Whatever makes you happy; this loan is there for you! 

The Ultimate UNbanking Loan

The Anything Loan is for anything your heart desires. It is for any dream, any gift, any idea, any project, and any situation you can think of. This loan is the ultimate UNbanking loan. 

Sometimes you just want something … anything. New pool full of flamingo floaties? You got it! Want the ultimate craft room with a walk-in wine cellar? Consider it done. Want to send your kid to space camp? Community Choice will put the bow on it. 


All of these loans operate the same way in that they are unsecured so you do not have to get a home appraisal, add to your mortgage, or put up your car as collateral. It is just a loan for you to make the best life possible for you and your family. 

Community Choice’s team of UNbankers is ready to help you find the best loan to help you live the most UNbelievable life possible. So whether it’s the Homestyle, Lifestyle, Happy, or Anything Loan, they are here to help get you started

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