Kindergarten Chronicles: My Journey as a First-time Mom of a Kindergartner. Part 1

When did she get so big?!

Who knew I would be registering my child for something that doesn’t start for 8 months?  Thinking ahead has not always been my strong point; needless to say, I have been forced to make some changes in that department!  Truthfully, it’s been difficult good for me.

So, for all you rookies (like I was) out there…I am here to help!  I hate being a rookie, but humbleness is actually very becoming…so embrace your “rookieness.”  Scan the crowd; Find that mom that looks like she knows where she’s going.  Ask, “Are you here for Kindergarten registration?”  The rest is history.  Soon you will know every teacher and every other mom your new friend  knows!  Hallelujah for experienced, wise mothers (me- next time around LOL)!

Beyond finding an experienced mom, it is important to know all the physical items you need to successfully register.  Note: If you forget something, they don’t kick you out!

  • Bring your checkbook! You will most likely be asked to pay a registration or materials fee.  At my child’s school there was a short list of OPTIONAL fees as well.  I loathe optional fees…they should be called “guilt-ridden” fees.
  • Bring your child’s latest Immunization sheet!  You can get this from your doctor’s office but it can take some turnaround time.  Most doctor’s offices have this form on hand, so usually a call and a couple days will suffice.
  • Bring your child’s most recent dental record.  The state now forces requires you to have your child’s teeth cleaned.  I guess good hygiene is a must for Kindergartners!
  • Bring your child’s birth certificate.  Supposedly, there was a mother who sent their 3 year old to kindergarten…now we must prove that our child is in-fact the age we are stating.  LOL!
  • Bring proof of your residence.  There are also some district hoppers out there…so, be prepared to prove you live in the district (utility bill, assessor page, etc).  If you don’t live in the district there is another option called open-enrollment…I will cover that in another lesson (HA!).
  • If applicable, bring special needs documentation. (Example: IEP, 504 Plan, Gifted and Talented/Enrichment plan, Individualized health plan)
  • If applicable, bring court approved guardian documentation if you are not the child’s parent.  This also goes for NO contact orders.
  • Be prepared to make decisions about whether your child will ride the bus or not, if they will attend an before and after school program, and if they will participate in the half day Kindergarten option (if your school offers it).  No decision is final, but be thinking of these things!

YAY!  I made it through registration!  Even though I am BEYOND sad to send Hallie to school all day; I know it will be an exciting new adventure for both of us.

Stay tuned….


  1. I chuckled at your blog post today…so many things to go through just for Kindergarten.  Great insight!  Okay, so here’s a point of wisdom that I learned all those years ago when my son went off to Kindergarten (he is now 23)…you may want to invest in a visit to the eye doctor to have their eyes checked.  We were a couple months into Kindergarten before we realized my son could NOT see what the teacher was putting on the board.  Off to the eye doctor we went, and a pair of glasses later and shazam, life changed for him at school.  So, get their teeth cleaned (it’s required) but check their eyes too…they can’t learn if they can’t see.

  2. Thanks for your wisdom!  Luckily my doctors office always screens my kiddos for vision!  I was in Junior High before I got glasses!  I remember feeling like a new person once I could actually see!

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