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Me and my family
Me and my family

“I love how a photo captures a moment and each time you revisit it, it takes you right back to that specific moment in time.” ~Katie Evans

That is exactly what Katie Evans did for me and my family on a cool night in Johnston earlier this month. We started off at Terra Park. My fancy dressed family and I pull up to this rugged looking park and notice Katie flitting around with her camera, checking out potential areas to photograph. We pile out of the van and dive right in. Katie says, “I thought maybe we could start over on the other side of this hill!” Having never been to this park, I assume it’s a nice grassy area that we can easily walk to. I blindly agree that “That would be great!” I, in my wedges, am surprised by the steep hill we have to mosey down to get to this really cool looking area with beautiful cattails. Rolled ankles don’t scare me! We made the trek! Katie Evans has a vision, and she is not afraid to get dirty or make you sweat to get to that point of picture perfection. Lesson learned: Wear comfortable shoes for outdoor pictures, or be ok with going barefoot!

Meet Katie Evans, The Photographer

When and why did you start your photography business?

I started it January of 2013! I have always loved taking pictures- mix that with my strong desire to create…birth a photographer!

What is your favorite thing about being behind the camera?

My favorite thing about being behind the camera is the unlimited potential to capture sweet moments that might otherwise be lost somewhere in our memories! I am in AWE of my camera…seriously!! I love how the more I learn the more I am able to use it creatively! It is the best tool I have ever been given!

Who in your family of 5 is the most photogenic?

My girls are a tie. Hallie (5) is learning the ropes on doing different expressions other than just a smile. Harper (3) is probably the most natural behind a camera…but I think it could be her age too! Bowen (1) hates to hold still long enough for a picture!

I struggle the most with putting together outfits and how to pose… What is your best advice for these pre-session woes?

TEXTURE and LAYERS! Think about the fabrics! Also…don’t be afraid to incorporate pattern as long as it is not too overwhelming. OR simple clean lines. Some of my favorite pictures of my girls are when they are wearing white sundresses. DO NOT BE TOO MATCHY. Matchy, match is a thing of the past! However, you do want to look like you go together! It can be hard to balance! BIGGEST THING: Be comfortable!

What age is your favorite to photograph?

I genuinely LOVE taking photos of anyone and everyone right now! I don’t have a favorite yet!

My beautiful babies
My beautiful babies

We had the best time with Katie. My girls responded so well to her kind, excited directions and Drake loved all of her antics to get him to smile. Katie was patient with us and even allowed my girls to take the lead- no matter how ridiculous- with some of the scenes and poses. Despite having to reschedule once and almost twice, we made it happen, and I am ever so grateful. These pictures, these memories are precious pieces that will adorn our walls soon.

Loving on baby brother
Loving on baby brother

If you want to update your family pictures, have a soon-to-be senior or know of a soon-to-be mommy or bride, contact Katie! You will not regret it! Get connected with Katie Evans through her website and on Facebook!

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