Intentional Time With Our Kids – A Kid’s Date Jar!


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Kids Date—now this is a trend I can get on board with! I love my kiddos and date nights. So why not put them together? 

I am always trying to find alone time with each of them. Whether it is five minutes of coloring with my littlest or a Starbucks run with my oldest. This year, I am trying to be more intentional with my time and energy; this is the perfect little project to put it all together. 

I am excited to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Ideas for Kid Dates

As I began to research kid date ideas, I was inundated with posts. I went through about 25 different posts. I couldn’t seem to find one that had a good blend of toddler and elementary/middle school kiddo ideas. So I decided to create my own! 

The Supplies

I had most of the supplies needed in our craft closet so I grabbed some neon cardstock, permanent markers, a jar, and paints. I wanted to make our jar vibrant and fun so I used neon paints to decorate it. By using supplies I already had; this project was FREE. That is a bucket filler for a mom! 

I sat down one Saturday morning and brainstormed ideas for each kid based on their likes and interests. Some were simple things that cost no money and simply would be intentional time focused on them. Others were things I know they love and would appreciate doing one-on-one. My older girls are always wanting to do special things with their brother and sister. So this was an ideal time to think of simple things that could be full of memories for all and done as sibling pairs. 

The Bonding

Taking intentional time to bond with each of my kiddos is more important to me this year. I have seen how quickly life can change in an instant. By making these memories, I will be able to show my kiddos all the fun they had growing up. I also want to include myself in the photos, which as a mom is hard to do. 

I’m going to take time to run outside in the rain and splash in the puddles. You have little eyes watching you and loving you just as you are. 

The Dates

Our family loves to take adventure days, but at times we can’t decide what to do. So I included “family date ideas” in our jar, too. Some are simple and home-based ideas, while others included road trip ideas. We decided to do a monthly drawing of dates. This was for multiple reasons. Having 50/50 custody means it takes more planning to make sure all the dates are able to happen. We also decide how many family dates we want to try. Normally, it is two dates with at least one that all kiddos are a part of. 

Follow along on our dates on instagram at @nicumamatimestwo to see all our adventures. It will be memorable and full of laughs and learning, I am sure. Let me know if your family does a date jar or something similar. We can trade ideas or meet up on a socially distanced kids date!

Do you date your kids?

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