I’m So Excited…. I’m So Stressed


I’m So Excited…. I’m So Stressed | Des Moines Moms BlogI’m having a Jessie Spano moment. Only I am not singing The Pointer Sisters in my spandex leotard. Nor am I popping caffeine pills. I am, however, screaming about the lack of time in my day to get it all done. By “all” I mean sleep, workout, work my day job, worry about school, shuttle to after school activities, and in general spend time with my family. I’m falling apart because there is never enough time. Never enough to get everything done on my ever-growing list of things to get done.

I am stressed out.

The time loss started out slow. So slow that I didn’t really notice it happening. The junk mail would start to pile up on the counter. Dinner decisions happened later in the day (resulting in quick runs to the store or eating out). Laundry seemed to reproduce on its own.

I’m So Excited…. I’m So Stressed | Des Moines Moms BlogI enjoy going to the gym, however, because of our schedule the only available time I can/want to go is fairly early in the morning. Getting up super early means going to bed early – even earlier because my daughter also sleeps on our floor. (Read: I have an 8 p.m. bedtime.) But sleep is never restful knowing there are a billion things that need to be done.

It’s become easy to let life spiral out of control and become consumed with the stress of it all. When I am faced with getting things done I just want to sleep, which goes hand in hand with being physically exhausted. It’s easier to pretend there will be more time tomorrow than to stress about not enough time today. But with years of adulting behind me, I know that nothing ignored goes away on it’s own.

I’m So Excited…. I’m So Stressed | Des Moines Moms BlogUnfortunately, giving up is not an option. When faced with a 24-hour time limit, I have to become responsible for managing my clock. Prioritizing my to-do list, just like I do for my job. So begins my color coding madness and creating lists to get it all done.

Some things will also become less of a priority and understand that my world will not stop if the dishes aren’t done or towels aren’t folded today. If I have to dig a dirty softball uniform from the laundry pile, life will go on. And I know that this won’t last forever.

How do you struggle to get it all done, all the while maintaining your sanity?



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