A Sweet Father’s Day Getaway to the Ice Cream Capital of the World


Few in our fair state realize the sweet treat that awaits us in the town of LeMars.

In this unassuming town is a company that produces more ice cream in a year than any place else in the world, thus leading LeMars to be proclaimed the ‘Ice Cream Capital of the World’!

And if that’s not a reason to celebrate- what is?

Visiting the Ice Cream Capital of the World

In the heart of LeMars sits the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor.  A tribute to the ice cream parlors of the past, you’ll find tall, swiveling seats at the counter and a real soda fountain.  The menu is extensive and filled with amazing treats like the Dirt & Worms Mud Puddle Sundae and the Titanic Root Beer Float.

Ice Cream Sundae at Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor
Dirt & Worms Mud Puddle Sundae

Upstairs is the Wells Blue Bunny museum.  Poking around the displays- or just relaxing on one of the couches while you kids exclaim over all the ‘really old’ stuff- takes you back to your childhood.

Before you leave be sure to have your photo taken outside the ice cream parlor with the iconic sundae; a sweet memento of you visit.

At the Ice Cream Capital of the World
At the Ice Cream Capital of the World

Ice Cream Days in LeMars

Ice Cream Days in LeMars
Ice Cream Days in LeMars

Visiting LeMars in the 3rd week of June, the weekend of Father’s Day, gives you a whole new appreciation for small town festivals.  LeMars, an inviting city at any time of the year, opens their arms wide to visitors during Ice Cream Days.

Four days of family fun include a classic car show, live music, ‘Scoops in the Park’ for kids and daily ice cream socials.

The highlight- at least for the kids- is the parade.  Possibly the best small-town parade I have ever seen, acts include daring Shriner’s in tiny (but fast) cars, the Su Fu Du Drumline, extravagant ice cream themed floats and some of the very best parade treats ever – it is, after all, Ice Cream Days!

Ice Cream Days Parade, LeMars, Iowa
Ice Cream Days Parade

We had so much fun at Ice Cream Days 2 years ago, that we are heading back this year- which is the Wells Company’s 100th birthday!  I imagine ‘Birthday Cake’ ice cream may play a part in the festivities!

Have you visited LeMars or Ice Cream Days?  What is your favorite small town festival?







  1. I grew up about 20 minutes from LeMars. We love visiting the ice cream parlor- YUM!!! Have fun! Enjoy some Blue Bunny for me.

  2. I know this was posted awhile ago but I am reading old blogs tonight- LeMars is my hometown and my parents still live there and of course work for Blue Bunny- it was a great place to grow up and to return for visits! My husband and I were able to take some wedding pictures in the new parlor right after it opened on the beautiful marble staircase- glad visitors enjoy it too!


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