I See You: A Letter to My Child’s Teacher


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To My Child’s Teacher,

I see you. Smiling. Laughing. Clutching your coffee.

I see your desk piled with papers. I see your bag filled with books.

I see your eyes. Scanning, assessing, always aware.

I see behind your eyes. I see the worry, the pressure, the self-doubt, the fear.

What I want you to know, Teacher, is that I see you and it’s okay.

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I, the parent, want you to laugh. I want you to enjoy being in the classroom. This means my child will enjoy it, too.

I love that you are so dedicated and willing to learn new things. I don’t want my child to do what I did in school. I want him to do more. To be better. So thank you for reading, for going above and beyond. You are setting a good example for my son.

I am amazed by all you do. I know my child is not the only one in your classroom. But in his world, school is all about him. So thank you for talking to him, correcting him, encouraging him. It makes him feel valued.

I appreciate that you worry about my child and all his friends. I imagine it is draining, but it shows me how much you love those kids. How much you love my kid.

And oh, dear Teacher, I get that there are people out there who are devaluing your profession, maybe even questioning you as the professional. I am not one of them. I am a parent in your classroom and for the next year, you will be an extended member of our family. So to us, you matter!

Lastly, please know that I am not perfect, nor have I raised a perfect child. But I love him and I want you to enjoy him. I have faith that you were made just for him.

I see you, and I am thankful.


A Parent in Your Classroom

To all the teachers and parents out there, good luck on a new school year!

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