I’m Not Great: Finding Significance in the Small


It always happens in the most mundane of moments. I’m in the middle of doing something that feels like “nothing,” and BAM. The bigger-than-life question in an instant consumes me:

I Am Mom: Finding Greatness in the Small | Des Moines Moms Blog

What am I here for? What am I supposed to be doing?…

In view of God’s bigness, I feel my smallness. I am overcome with my own insignificance—yet knowing my significance in the eyes of Him who placed me here.

I’m not meant to do anything great. I’ll never be known for greatness, I think.

I’m lost in a world of thought when another question rings through the air, this time from one smaller than me. It draws me back to the motherhood moment. The fuzz clears, I lift my eyes to the face before me, and like in slow motion, it hits me:

I AM here to do something great. I’m DOING it.

Define greatness as you wish. To me, it means being (and becoming) who one was created to be.

Perhaps by the world’s standards I am not destined to be “great.” Perhaps my kids aren’t either.

But every time I answer their big little questions… every time I help them through weaknesses and celebrate their strengths… every time I encourage them in right responses and impart to them wisdom for love and for life… I am helping my kids to be great.

I Am Mom: Finding Greatness in the Small | Des Moines Moms Blog

I expect I’ll never be known for greatness. In fact, my calling is to the small things. The “nothings.”

But today, as I roll up my sleeves and teach my daughters about homemaking, as I help my son spell words for the book he’s decided to write… I realize, I AM here for greatness.

Whatever their life’s journeys will hold, whatever their purposes, whatever their goals, mine is the role of fortifying their foundations.

I am Mom. I’m not great, but my task is.

And I think that is significant.


  1. Very well said, our future is our children, you have the awesome privilege to watch them develop into confident warriors for The Lord. There is no greater gift.


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