We Love Hy-Vee: A Guide to Des Moines Grocery Shopping


Hy-Vee grocery shopping des moines

“Where there’s a helpful smile in every aisle!”

If you haven’t heard that phrase in a commercial, you may not have lived in Iowa long enough! Hy-Vee is my go-to favorite grocery store. There are 13 Hy-Vee stores in the Des Moines metro area, so you’re likely to have one fairly close to you.

Why I Love Shopping at Hy-Vee

The number one reason I love Hy Vee is their delivery and pick up service. I could probably do a whole post just about this, but there are so many perks. They offer free delivery with a $100 purchase. Free pick up with a $50 purchase. They save your most frequently purchased items (linked to their Fuel Saver Card program) online, so they will pop up first when you’re looking for them. You can make lists of frequently purchased items. They are great at communicating when the delivery will arrive and when your pick up can be ready via text message. There are so many weeks I don’t feel like venturing to the store with my three boys in tow, and this is a lifesaver!

Fuel Saver Card

I mentioned the Fuel Saver Card. Hy-Vee has items each week that you can purchase and get money back on your gas purchases at Hy-Vee Gas and Casey’s stores. Items range from 1 cent off per gallon to sometimes 25 to 50 cents off per gallon. Right now you can also get your flu shot at the Hy-Vee pharmacy and get 20 cents loaded on your Fuel Saver Card. The discounts accumulate and you can use them off a fuel purchase of 20 gallons or less. I have a key fob Fuel Saver Card, but they can also look up your card based on your phone number.

Hy-Vee Store Experience

Hy-Vee also has an amazing in-store experience, so when you do take the kids along there are fun things for them, too. 

My local Hy-Vee has those fun vehicle carts that were a lifesaver when my boys were younger. They loved the steering wheel and adventure of riding in a police car or race car. They also have the small kid-sized shopping cards that we occasionally allow our boys to use (sorry, stranger’s ankles!).

Hy-Vee grocery shopping perks

When we take the boys, we treat a trip to Hy-Vee like a field trip. The kiddos can pick up a piece of fruit to snack on while we shop. Then they can stop by the deli counter and get a slice of cheese. Then we stop at the bakery counter for a free cookie! We also usually stop by to see the lobster tank at the seafood counter. They also sometimes have samples throughout the store as well. 

We also love Hy-Vee’s take-and-bake pizzas. They are affordable, often have a Fuel Saver amount added to them, and they have a variety of toppings and crusts available. When we’re in a pinch it makes a great quick dinner.

Hy-Vee baby aisle

Hy-Vee also has an amazing baby aisle. They have diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, breastfeeding supplies, bathing supplies, and more. My Hy-Vee has also added a small selection of clothing. You never know when that can come in handy. Our Hy-Vee also has a Mother’s Room for nursing and other needs.

Last, one of my favorite parts of our Hy-Vee, when I go shopping by myself, is their Basin section. From bath bombs and bath salts, hand creams, and soaps, to cosmetics and hair care, they have you covered. It is a fun place to walk around and take in all the scents. The ladies who work in that section are always so sweet, offering samples, shopping advice, and just chatting it up. They make you feel special and have always offered to wrap my purchases in pretty packaging. 

After reading this you may think I’m a total Hy-Vee fangirl, and honestly, it’s the truth. They have it figured out for moms whether you want to have your groceries delivered, take your kids shopping with you, or you want a little solo mom shopping trip, you won’t be disappointed.


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This post is part of Des Moines Moms Blog’s Ultimate Guide to Grocery Shopping. This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are our own.


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