How to Embrace a Holiday Birthday


birthday cake with sprinkles. Holiday birthday Des Moines MomI have learned to love my December birthday.

I have lived through years of combined Christmas and birthday gifts, the holiday-themed wrapping paper, and countless fuzzy socks as gifts. I used to complain about my December birthday (okaaay I still do), but I have learned to love it. I always end up spending my birthday money on Christmas gifts for others, and this might be the reason I love to give presents.

I have a unique perspective as now I have a son whose birthday is January 4. So, if YOU are a holiday birthday baby OR if you have one, here are some tips to make your day, or their day, extra special.

Everyone is different and every family’s traditions are unique and awesome! So, don’t let me tell you how to celebrate. I am just here to share my personal advice. You are Mom and you know what is best!

Combined parties: Yes or No?

I have accepted that combined parties are generally ok, but mostly for the adults. My daughter shares a birthday with a family member and my son’s is near many other family members’. But, we make sure to celebrate the child separately. A child’s birthday party is a special time for them and it’s no fun sharing with an adult – even if they have a special relationship with them.

As an adult, I love a long list of celebratory milestones into one awesome party! With my holiday party, I have done fun holiday things like bringing a group of friends to a hockey game, seeing the Nutcracker ballet, or taking a wreath-making class with my sisters!

Combined gifts: Yes or No?

What is not ok for adults or for children is combining gifts. Even if you are getting a really big gift. My daughter’s birthday is six months from Christmas and she doesn’t get a combined gift, so why should my son? The same applies to adults.

No matter what, just make sure your holiday baby (big or small) feels special on their birthday. For my family, a birthday is about celebrating milestones and reflecting on how we have grown the past year.

What are your holiday birthday tips?

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