How to Create the Habit of Exercise


habit of exerciseIt’s a myth that you’ll always be motivated to work out. That’s just not the case. It really comes down to two things: habits and consistency. 

Motivation comes and goes. But when you have created the habit of exercise it becomes something you do even when the motivation isn’t there.

And in case you need this reminder: you don’t have to be perfect to see results. But consistency is key. We so often think we have to kill it at the gym for hours, seven days a week and never miss a workout to see results. But that’s not true nor is it realistic if you’re just starting out and getting into the habit of exercise.

4 Ways to Create the Habit of Exercise

If you want to create the habit of exercise here are some tangible tips:
Start small: If you aren’t currently working out start with 1 or 2 15-30 minute workouts a week and then slowly add on.
Schedule your workouts: Write down when you are going to work out and what time. The more specific you are the more likely you will actually do it. 

Set your clothes out: If you struggle with motivation set your clothes out so everything is ready to go. You can take this a step further and change into them early so you start to prepare your mind for the workout.
SHOW UP: This is the most important one. If you said you are going to work out, show up and do the workout. Show up even if you don’t have time for the full workout… five minutes is better than nothing and you still kept your promise to yourself to move your body.
Do you have a consistent workout routine? If not, what are some ways you can start right now?


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