How to Boost Your Metabolism As You Age


metabolismOur metabolism can slow down, and we often notice it as we age. 

It’s tempting to just accept this reality and think you can’t do anything about it or think that’s just how it goes with age. But you don’t have to settle! Let’s chat about why our metabolism slows down as we age and some things we can do to rev it back up!

Why Our Metabolism Changes

We become less active.

We lose muscle mass.

Our sleep diminishes and/or the quality suffers.

But the good news is that you can control some of this!

3 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

1. Eat breakfast: Eating breakfast helps your body prioritize its use of calories throughout the day. But not just any breakfast, make sure you’re eating a fiber-rich breakfast. Some great fiber-rich foods are oats, flaxmeal, chia seeds, and fruit. I love making a fiber-rich smoothie each morning.

2. Avoid diets: It seems counterintuitive, but diets have a damaging effect on your metabolism. The longer you restrict calories, the more stressed your body becomes. And it actually holds onto calories. It’s best to avoid them and learn how to eat to nourish your body so you feel good all day long.

3. Sleep more: Sleep plays a big role in improving and maintaining your metabolism. Poor sleep hygiene and a lack of sleep is a sure way to slow your metabolism. As a general rule, aim for 7-9 hours each night.

 It’s easy to read something like this and not take action. But then I wouldn’t be doing you any good. So, I want to encourage you to take action today. Right now. Don’t wait.

What’s one thing you can incorporate into your daily routine to inch closer to your goals or to just feel your best? 

Do you feel like your metabolism has changed? 


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