How Personality Tests Brought Me Joy in 2020


personality test2020 was a very divisive year for everyone, especially for me as an introvert. It is not that I don’t have strong opinions on politics, social issues, health, religion, etc. But I don’t feel comfortable sharing these thoughts on social media. Or with friends and family. And because I did not feel like taking a stand publicly or with friends/family, I asked myself questions like, “Am I being a wimp?”  “Am I being a pushover?” “Am I weak?”

These thoughts flooded my head for much of the summer and into the fall.

How was everyone else able to post such strong opinions and not be worried what everyone would think?!?!

Attempts to Find Joy

To make life a bit more enjoyable, I decided to remove social media from my phone and stopped watching the news every day. Instead, I checked one or two trusted sources for updates. I found ways to add joy to my life each day and new ways to connect with close friends. I even started talking to a counselor. Yet, something still was not right. I was still feeling like I was stranded by myself on an island. 

During one of my big weekend organization projects this fall (thanks, Home Edit!), I stumbled on some old personality tests like Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram. I decided to retake the tests and it was one of the best things I did in 2020.

Enneagram Personality Test

I learned I am a 9 on the Enneagram. Type 9s are labeled as “The Peaceful Mediator”. This was so helpful to me because it made sense why all the division on social media and with family/friends was stressing me out so much! It wasn’t that those issues weren’t important to me—they very much are—it was the division that was stressing this peacemaker out!  I spent some time learning more about 9s and how I can strive with this personality instead of doubting myself.

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Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Excited from the Enneagram, I decided to revisit the Myers-Briggs test. My score showed that I was an ISFJ.

ISFJs are interested in maintaining order and harmony in every aspect of their lives. They want to believe the best in people and do not usually express their own feelings. This describes me (at least in 2020) perfectly! I didn’t want to add extra stress to social media or conversations with friends/family.

Both tests were able to help me understand myself better. I read through the reports and then searched Pinterest for more links specifically on “Enneagram 9” and “ISFJ”. The tests  were able to help me make sense of my personal stress and responses to events/issues in 2020. Most importantly, they taught me how to embrace these traits and use them to my advantage.

I would highly recommend taking these personality tests if you are struggling like I was. They have been a game-changer!

Do you like personality tests? 

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