Very Pinteresting…


 When I log in to my Pinterest account I magically become an award winning chef and baker, a mom who has the day perfectly planned out with age appropriate crafts and preschool activities, I have a beautifully decorated and organized home. Then I log off and reality sets in. All joking aside Pinterest has been a great resource for me as a mom! Pinterest lets you organize and share with others all the amazing things you find on the web. You can look at other people’s boards and draw inspiration from them.

Whether you are planning a party, having a baby, wanting to re-vamp your eating habits, Pinterest is truly something for everyone. Before pinterest I had all my decorating ideas ripped from magazines stuffed in a folder, I had my recipes on pen and paper or printed off cluttering up my cupboards, I had craft ideas in journals all over the place…all these created disorganization. ENTER PINTEREST-all these things and more are now neatly organized!!


How to Pin Responsibly: 

If you don’t have a Pinterest account I would encourage you to get one. There is a short learning curve so don’t get frustrated-you WILL pick it up quickly and soon be pinning amazing recipes, workouts and more. WARNING: You will want to leave all responsibilities aside and spend hours pinning…DON’T. You need to find a healthy balance like with anything, when you sit down to get on Pinterest give yourself a time limit. I try to spend about ten minutes a day total (that is for our DMMB account and my personal one). Look at Pinterest as a useful resource and not just another fun website.

How I use Pinterest:

#1 Meal Plan

When I sit down to do a meal plan and grocery list I start on Pinterest. I look back to recipes I have pinned in the past as well as search for new ones if I have a specific craving. I love to follow IowaGirlEats and PioneerWomen for great recipes.

#2 Save Money

I get outfit ideas on Pinterest with clothes I already have. I get craft and DIY ideas from materials I already have. There are some great Financial tips I have found on Pinterest as well. I have found tons of cheap or DIY ideas for gifts-came in handy especially during Christmas! You can learn to make your own cleaning supples, laundry soap and so much more to save money. 

#3 Dream

Someday I would love to live on an acreage in a beautiful old farm house (there I said it out loud). This is something that my heart feels but my brain does not (yet) because I was born and raised a city girl. I am dealing with that but in the meantime thanks to Pinterest I have basically created my future farm house. It’s fun to dream and us moms need to dream sometimes-it’s ok I promise.

#4 Projects

Whether it is the 5th DIY headboard tutorial (that I’ll get to someday) ,the amazing organization tips or a major home renovation project you can find it on Pinterest.

We hope you will follow DesMoinesMomsBlog on Pinterest! We would love to share the amazing pins we have found as well as follow yours!! 

 What is your favorite thing about Pinterest?


  1. Great post Bekah. Our family is hoping to move to a small acreage soon, so this past week I’ve been exploring Pinterest for ideas. I think before I had probably logged in a total of two times, but now I am finding all of the home ideas useful.

    • @Amber Flinn Thanks Amber!! I think it just takes some time to figure it all out. It’s so beneficial I think to stick with it-tons of great stuff on there!!

  2. I like Pinterest because I can keep track of good information that I don’t really have time to process at the moment I’m seeing it. I can go back to it when time allows! My favorite thing to look for on Pinterest is organizing tips and/or ways to make the most out of a small space!

    • @Angela Squires I need to get more disciplined at actually going back to read through some of the stuff I have pinned–maybe some day!!

  3. I love it for crafts for the boys!  And homeschooling ideas.  Just type in sight word games and presto pages and pages of sight word games!  It also fulfills my DIY crafty side that I don’t get to use much anymore.


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