6 Reasons to Host a Birthday Party at Urban Air Adventure Park

This article is sponsored by Urban Air Adventure Park but all opinions are my own.

urban air birthday partySo you’re planning a birthday party?

You’re scouring local online forums for the best venues and party tips?

You may even be thinking, how am I supposed to entertain a lively group of nine-year olds without the day ending in tears, a migraine, or both?

Maybe that’s just me!

Well, you can stop your search and save your ibuprofen, because Urban Air Adventure Park has you covered from start to finish. Boasting a “stress-free” party experience, Urban Air truly delivered on that promise.

Here’s why you should host your next birthday party at Urban Air Adventure Park:

  1. Ease of Booking

Party planning at your fingertips. Simply select the date and time you are thinking, choose your package, fill out the online form, and voila… your epic adventure party is booked!

  1. Stress-Free Planning

You’ve booked your date and now you’re thinking I’ve got to buy invitations, decorations, plates, napkins, order a cake, feed the guests, and gather waivers. Good news, Urban Air has all of that covered (with the exception of the cake).

  • Digital invitations are ready for download so you can start spreading the word about your party as soon as it’s booked.
  • Depending on your party package two pizzas are included as well as plates, napkins, forks, cake cutting/serving utensils, and bottled water.
  • They even have candles (should you forget them like I happen to manage every single year).
  • To ensure everyone was prepared ahead of time, I text the waiver link to each of the kids’ parents to fill out prior to the party. But there are kiosks available when you enter the doors to fill them out as well. Super quick and easy, whichever route you take.
  1. Set-Up / Clean-Up

Your party space is ready for you to come in and start enjoying. No prep work, no willing command hooks to stay on the wall to hold your décor, no running to the store last minute to grab paper plates. Just walk in and get the party started.

Once your party ends, you’re free to leave! You may have to fight every urge in your being to not clean up the space yourself, but clean-up is included. So take a deep breath, look past the party aftermath, and let the Urban Air staff work their magic.

  1. Dedicated Party Host

I cannot say enough good things about our wonderful party host! She handled all the logistics to keep things running smoothly. She checked the guests in, helped them get the appropriate size socks, verified waivers, handed out wristbands, wrote names on each of the bottles of water, served the pizza, helped cut and serve the cake, and helped us create a timeline for the party including time in the park, lunch, cake, presents, and departure. She was exactly what I didn’t know I needed! By her handling all those tasks, I was able to be the most present I’ve been at my kids’ birthday party in a long time. 10/10 recommend a dedicated party host!

boy with birthday cake at urban air

  1. Something for Everyone

From trampolines to ziplines, obstacle courses to dodgeball, climbing walls to basketball (and so much more!) Urban Air has something for everyone. There’s plenty of seating for spectators and a café in case you need an extra bite to eat or something to drink besides water.

  1. Happiness All-Around

The birthday boy had the “most epic party ever” and his guests seemed to agree. I was grateful I didn’t have to do all the prep work and stressful party planning and that Urban Air took care of all the details and allowed me to be present and without worry. The party parents were happy because after two hours of adventuring their kids had let out their extra energy.

Urban Air was a wonderful place to have a birthday party, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is currently looking for a place to host their next party!

If you’re in the thick of birthday party planning, take a step back and a deep breath, and let Urban Air Adventure Park take the reins. They will show you what a stress-free party experience looks like. You won’t regret it!

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