New Hobbies for Busy Moms


hobbyWhen the world started their long stays at home in March 2020, stories about the great things people made or discovered while in quarantine emerged. Isaac Newton spent 18 months quarantining during the bubonic plague when he came up with his theory of gravity. William Shakespeare wrote King Lear! 

But, they weren’t also teaching their children at home, doing the dishes, the laundry, cooking, cleaning, AND working! We found out fast we had to take on more and more, and discovering a new scientific theory may not be on the to-do list.

Let me be clear: If you are a parent in this pandemic you are thriving. If you are ANY human living day to day, give yourself a pat on the back. You are working hard and doing a great job.

My New Hobbies

But, cabin fever set in for me real fast. I wanted to find a way to make nights different from the days. I need to keep busy. It’s part of my life with anxiety. When we are binge-watching a TV show, I like to do something with my hands. That’s when I picked up cross-stitching.

Growing up, my grandma was always working on elaborate cross-stitching projects for her grandchildren. I still have these framed masterpieces and they are now hanging in my kids’ rooms. After a few quick projects to brush up on my skills, I started taking on harder projects.

I also started running for a mental break, and I brushed off my bucket list to see if I could work on anything. I formalized my side hustle into a little side business. And I might finally start that children’s book I’ve always wanted to write

What’s on your bucket list? I surveyed some fellow Des Moines Moms and found they are all doing the same thing I am! One mom finally took up piano lessons. Other moms are baking bread, and one of my coworkers is even tap dancing (to her downstairs neighbors’ delight)

Try Something New

Need some inspiration? Here are some hobbies, crafting, or fun at-home activities that our bloggers and readers shared with me:

-Playing the piano

-Learning TikTok dances

-Brewing my own kombucha

-Sewing! Making masks, table runners, santa bags



-Diamond painting

-Paint by sticker books

-Baking bread, and selling it

-Making hot cocoa bombs

-Sewing face masks

-Hiking state parks

-Cookie decorating


-Yoga and meditation

-Jigsaw puzzles


Did you pick up a hobby during the pandemic?

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Niki is an Iowa native who now lives with her husband Ryan, daughter Riley, and son Merritt in Johnston. She is passionate about paid leave for working parents, thrifting, and Beyonce. Niki is the Marketing Campaign Manager at Homesteaders Life Company in West Des Moines. She is also owner of Bee Thrifty, which consigns designer clothing for clients on Poshmark. Niki is a two-time graduate of Drake University with a bachelor’s in journalism (2008) and a Master’s in Communication Leadership (2015).


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