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No matter where you’re at in your Motherhood journey, I’m certain there’s a million reasons you deserve some ‘me’ time. You’re a Mom.  Enough said.

As Mom’s, we don’t have the time, so we can’t and most likely don’t make time for ourselves. We know that we are better Moms when we take care of ourselves, so we just have to do it!

This time of year especially, with the added hustle and bustle of the holidays, it is extra important for us to take care of our mind, body, and spirit. 

My friend Ashley at Heeling Hands Massage insisted that I do just that by treating me to an absolutely amazing massage.

My Experience:

Being a first time client, Ashley welcomed me and took time to talk with me.  She didn’t give me a menu of services and suggest I choose, she spent time understanding what it was that I wanted or needed help with and personalized my massage based upon that.

I appreciate the way Ashley made me feel so comfortable and relaxed right from the beginning.  Her questions at the beginning helped guide her where I wanted her to focus. (Although, I’m sure after touching the boulders in my neck and shoulders she just knew). Everything was wonderful – from the warm, dark and quiet room to the way she just let me relax and enjoy my massage.

The Difference:

Much different from other massage centers in town, Heeling Hands is free-standing. The room was quiet, peaceful, and I appreciated the opportunity to truly relax.  I didn’t hear doors opening, weights banging, or hair dryers buzzing.

I haven’t had a better experience at a massage EVER and I think it’s because I trusted her and knew I was in good hands (literally!).

Ashley took time to explain to me where my problem areas were, why they were likely that way, and what I need to do to alleviate those things. I appreciated her suggestions for better ways to nurse, hold my baby and even sleep so I don’t have such large boulders next time!

Services Available:

Ashley is a mom herself so she knows how important it is to Take Time to Relax.  More than that though, she helps her clients focus on a life of healthy living through these services:

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Pregnancy
  • Hot Stone
  • Massage
  • Couple’s
  • Positional Release
  • Pulsing and Rebalancing

During the massage, Ashley prefers to use each or any of the modalities throughout the massage as to what she thinks the body needs.

Packages & Specials:

Ashley offers $15 off for any new client.  She also offers a referral bonus when you refer a friend: For each client you refer, you will receive $10 off your next massage.

She has packages available to ensure your healing process continues as well as save you money in the long run.

Be sure to Like her Facebook page to keep up with her monthly specials, helpful tips and much more.

Where to Find Her:

Heeling Hands is located at 100 E Hickman Road in Waukee.  It is located in a strip mall near the McDonalds by Warrior Lanes bowling alley.

Make your appointment online here, or contact Ashley at 515.720.7754.

No more excuses for not taking care of yourself, sweet Mama! Enter below for an HOUR MASSAGE from Heeling Hands!!

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