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clive public library

Clive Public Library

1900 NW 114th Street Clive, IA 50325

Open 7 days a week

Clive Public Library is a place that our entire family loves to visit! From the summer reading program to audiobooks, we are constantly finding new ways to love this library.

Clive Public Library Des Moines Moms Blog

Reasons We Love Clive Public Library

  • Summer Reading Program: This library has the best summer reading program! The reading expectations are just enough of a challenge to make my kids put forth some effort, but still easy enough to accomplish. And the prizes are amazing! We were able to go mini-golfing, get some ice cream, and do some other fun family activities too!
  • This library is easy to manage. Everything is clearly labeled and there are lots of spaces for us to find a comfy place to read. Besides kids’ seating, there is also a fish tank and fireplace to make reading and relaxing here a lot of fun.
  • Adult Reading Programs: Last summer I participated in the Adult Bingo. This was a great way to learn what resources the library has to offer. I checked out audiobooks, recipe books, and even a stamping kit! This was definitely a highlight of my summer. I’m already looking forward to this year’s program.
  • The Staff is Exceptional! The summer that we moved to Clive was hectic. However, I just walked in and said we were new to Clive, and within a few minutes we each had new library cards, summer reading programs, and they even answered questions about the area for me!Clive Public Library Des Moines Moms Blog

Activities for Kids

  • Toys like cars, trucks, games, interactive toys, and a really cool “tree house” area. We also love the little doorway into the kids’ area. They really know how to make kids feel welcome at CPL!
  • Puppet Theater
  • Building Table
  • Lots of cozy reading areas and small tables for kids.
  • The big fish tank is pretty cool!
  • Huge variety of books, genres, and reading levelsClive Public Library

Why My Kids Love Clive Public Library

My kids are a bit older, so they aren’t as impressed with toy selection at libraries now. However, they highly recommend the Clive Public Library because they have a lot of books about different topics. They love the access to lots of series of books in all reading levels. A close second for favorites reasons to love CPL is the summer reading program and other activities the library offers. 

Clive Public Library Des Moines Moms Blog

Programs at Clive Public Library

  • Baby Bear Lap Time (Newborns to Early walkers)
  • Teddy Toddler Story Time (Toddlers 3 and younger)
  • Big Bear Story Time (Preschoolers 3 and older)
  • Saturday Stories
  • Toddler Music and Movement
  • Preschool Music Ed
  • Postpartum Play Group
  • Spring Break Programs
  • Creation Corner (ages 10 and up)
  • Animanga Club (ages 10 and up)
  • Kids Pokemon Cards (ages 6 and up)
  • Thursday Night Family Activities (all ages)
  • Monthly events
  • Adult book clubs and activities too

Insider Tips

I highly recommend learning about all of the different things you can check out at the library besides books! Did you know you can check out magazines like Magnolia? I checked out a few cookbooks last summer as well. I love audiobooks and have been listening to a lot of autobiographies from famous celebrities.

Do you know about Iowa Adventure Pass? Iowa Libraries provide free passes to area attractions by using a valid adult Library card and a valid photo ID. Any adult library patron may borrow a pass to enjoy an educational day of family fun. Places include the zoo, science center and more! 

I also recommend whole family events like Family Bedtime Stories or Family Lego Night.

Clive Public Library Des Moines Moms Blog

This post is part of Des Moines Moms Blog’s Guide to Libraries in the Greater Des Moines area. 

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