Gratitude in Motherhood


There have been days and even seasons in motherhood where I’ve struggled. I found it challenging to get out of bed. I did nothing but cry. I lacked the energy to participate in my life. I was one of the 1 in 5 new mothers who struggled with a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder

My daily practice of gratitude has always been my saving grace, especially on the hard days. So, in celebration of my own journey to recovery and in honor of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m highlighting some of the moments I find gratitude in motherhood.

10 Things I’m Grateful for

1. The meltdowns

They remind me I am my children’s safe space. I’m honored to help my little boys navigate their big emotions. 

2. Messes

It feels like a never-ending cycle of sticky fingers and cleaning up toys most days. However, I choose to recognize the importance of making memories versus a pristine home. They’ll remember the fun they had with mom, not if there were dirty dishes in the sink! 

3. Early morning cuddles

I know there will come a time when they’re too grown to crawl into my bed. I’m happy to skip sleeping in when it means holding my babies one more time.

4. Coffee

AKA mom fuel. No other explanation needed!

5. Creating magic

As much as I curse the Elf on the Shelf every Christmas season, it brings me so much joy to make holidays AND life’s everyday moments extra special!

6. Seeing my children learn something new

Nothing compares to witnessing my boys carry that newfound confidence into the world.

7. Stretch marks

I earned these stripes! They remind me my body is strong, beautiful, and it gave life to my favorite humans.

8. Quiet mornings

A warm latte and the stillness of the early hours allows me to pause in the present moment. I take in the harmony of the birds chirping and the sweet aroma of my vanilla creamer. I connect with myself and my higher power. This is my time to just be me.

9. A good book

Whether I’m expanding my knowledge to help another mom or transporting my boys to a new world with bedtime stories, I am always reading! Thankfully, my kids also inherited my love of books, so bedtime is easily the best part of the day.

10. My Mom Village

As cliche as it may sound, it truly does take a village! I have friends who are always there to listen without judgement or enjoy a good glass of wine as we catch up on life. My husband is my biggest cheerleader and my best friend. My family, mentors, and endless team of wellness professionals have helped me grow into the best version of myself. 

I am truly grateful. Learning to find gratitude in motherhood has changed my attitude for the better. 

What are you grateful for in motherhood? 


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