How to Survive Grandparent Hangover


grandparent hangover surviving week after being with grandparentsWe just got back from a fun-filled week with my parents in sunny Arizona! It was as amazing as it sounds.

It was a week full of inflatable floats big enough for snuggle sessions for the whole family. Candy whenever the kids wanted it, no early rushed mornings, late bedtimes, no meal planning or cooking for mom, two pairs of extra hands, a built-in activities director, gifts for just being a grandkid, and ice cream before dinner just to name a few benefits.  

Weeks with grandparents are what bedtime dreams are made of both the kids and mom!

Then the grandparents have the audacity to leave, or in our case we boarded a plane with a one-way ticket back to reality. Just like that we were smack dab in the middle of “week after grandparents” or WAG week for short.

WAG week is like boot camp for everyone.

It’s full of normal bedtimes, “no you can’t have a dessert just because you are cute,” “sorry, the candy in the checkout lane is only available to purchase by grandma,” and “no, I don’t have a full activities list to keep you busy today!”  

It includes reinstating daily routines and habits that went by the wayside. How in the world does a routine go by the wayside so quickly?

I know I am not alone in experiencing this phenom because early on in my mothering career, I lamented to my friend about my plight and she said, “oh yes you are experiencing the effects of WAG week.”  

So what’s a mom to do when WAG week hits?

Know you aren’t alone.  

My friends and I affectionately call out when we are in the middle of WAG week.  We nod in solidarity and encourage one another to power through.

Set yourself up for success.  

Don’t let the anticipation of WAG week steal the thunder, but when it arrives know that this too shall pass. You all will get back into a good routine in no time flat. Don’t give up, and give your family and yourself grace! Before you leave or Grandma arrives plan ahead for WAG week with an easy meal plan, make a grocery list, and don’t plan anything like potty training during WAG week (take it from me, it was a bad idea).

Choose gratitude.

WAG week is hard because of all the sweet memories and moments shared with grandparents. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood include toasting saltine crackers in my grandparent’s toaster, riding their nordic track ski system in the basement, riding my grandfather’s riding lawn mower all over the backyard, and grabbing a candy out of my grandmother’s candy jar. I am thankful for the opportunity to cultivate sweet relationships with each of my grandparents and I want my kids to experience that too! Time with your children’s grandparents is totally worth the WAG week side effects!

Your time is coming.

Someday, you will be a grandparent and you will get to bring the fun and send them home. My mother and mother-in-law assure me being a grandparent is so much fun. We can be the “yes” man someday, and if time is any indication, we will blink and be there!

grandparent hangover surviving week after being with grandparents

So, the next time grandma comes to town or you go over the river and through the wood to grandmother’s house, enjoy every moment. Then when you get home take WAG week in stride. It’s all worth it!

Have you ever experienced WAG week side effects? You aren’t alone!


  1. Oh, Erin, this is so cute and I’m afraid true. We are very respectful of the rules of the house with both of our kiddos but let’s face it, Grandparents cut a lot of slack for sure. It’s the beauty of Grandparenting! I love the acronym WAG, just too cute, just like you sweet girl!


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