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The Goddard School® offers the Best Childhood Preparation for Success in Iowa

For nearly 30 years, The Goddard School has been a trusted name among parents and families. Its classrooms provide safe, nurturing environments for children six weeks to six years. They offer age-appropriate opportunities to explore and discover. From infants to toddlers, preschoolers to kindergartners, highly trained teachers lead each child to reach developmental milestones, preparing the children for social and academic success.

At The Goddard School located in Waukee, Iowa, the on-site owners, Liz and Joe Smith, work to make sure every family enjoys a warm, positive experience. Their goal is to provide the best quality program for each child. The F.L.EX.® Learning Program ensures that they meet high standards specific to early learning, development, and care.

Goddard School WaukeeThe Goddard School’s Approach to Learning

The F.L.E.X.® Learning Program (Fun Learning Experience) is grounded in research on how children learn best: children experience the deepest, most genuine learning when they are having fun. It’s designed to help build each child’s emotional, academic, social, creative, and physical skills to provide a well-rounded experience and ensure each one becomes confident, joyful, and fully prepared in school and in life.

The Goddard School teacher | Des Moines Moms Blog

The First Steps and Pre-Toddler classrooms help children transition from infant to toddler as the budding explorers learn new vocabulary and self-help skills. Children also develop motor skills and begin to learn shapes, sizes, and colors.  

Children continue to make developmental strides in the Toddler classroom. They practice washing their hands, putting on their coats, sharing with their friends, and discovering the answers to their favorite question: “Why?” The program provides the consistent structure toddlers crave and includes a healthy balance of fun classroom activities and outdoor playtime every day.

The Get Set classroom smooths the transition from the Toddler classroom to the Preschool classroom, focusing on learning areas such as language arts, creative art, social science, nature studies, and music and movement.

The Goddard School has an open-door policy. It invites families to visit and learn more about these and other programs, participate in special celebrations, get involved in the School, and attend special events to foster relationships with other families, which helps to strengthen the home/school connection.

Parent Collaborators “aka the Teachers”

The Goddard School | Des Moines Moms BlogAbove all else, Liz, Joe, the faculty, and the education director view themselves as collaborators in the parenting process. They work with parents to nurture children into respectful, confident, and joyful learners. They are committed to open and daily communication, informing parents about their children’s daily care, activities, and accomplishments. This helps fortify the home/school connection. To this end, the School offers regularly scheduled conferences throughout the year to discuss progress and behaviors with parents. The teachers provide tips and insights to guide parents through various learning and developmental milestones.

Connect with The Goddard School Waukee

For more information or to schedule a tour, please visit or call 515-297-6555. The Goddard School in Waukee is located at 80 NE Carefree Lane, Waukee, IA.


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