5 Toddler Girls Spring Must-Haves


toddler girl spring fashion must-havesI’m going to be completely honest with you guys. My personal wardrobe is terrible. I never buy myself new clothes. I have a bunch of t-shirts and yoga pants. Therefore, I live through my daughter and her adorable outfits.

I like to think I dress her pretty stinkin’ cute. Myself? Not so much. But she wears what I wish I could wear, and she pulls it off much better than I ever could anyway!

I love shopping for her. I’m one of those moms who buys her a ton of different clothes, but in my defense I’m always buying things that are on sale, clearance, or it’s just cheap. I normally never buy anything full price. That helps me justify the amount of clothing she has….kind of.

Here’s my list of toddler girl fashion “must haves” for the spring and summer. 

1.The inspiration tee I’m not a huge fan of shirts that say things EXCEPT for when it comes to inspirational quotes or pictures. Then I’m all over it! I can’t even begin to tell you how many shirts my little one has that leave me smiling every time I put them on her. She has no clue what the shirts say at this point, but I’d like to think they make others smile too. What’s better than an inspirational toddler? Target’s Cat and Jack brand is my favorite spot for the “inspo” shirts. Ava’s closet is probably 98% Cat and Jack. They always have adorable shirts like this and this.

2. Chucks- Say no more. Baby/toddler Converse sneakers are absolutely adorable in any color. Kids can run and jump in them, and they match with just about anything. Pair them with shorts and a tee, or even a summer dress! Ava has quite a few pair because you can find them at so many stores. I’ve even seen them at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They’re decently priced too!

3. Sundress– Sundresses are perfect because of how light and airy they are for those warmer days. They’re super easy to slip on and go. Plus they’re extremely comfortable! They can also be dressed up or dressed down. (Throw the chucks on with them!) Old Navy is a staple for affordable sundresses and they have so many options to chose from. If your little girl isn’t into dresses, there are also super adorable rompers like this and this.

4. Swimsuit Swimsuits are a must for the spring/summer. At this point, with Ava being so young, we just stick to the wading pools, but we still like to look fashionable! I love the swimsuits like this one that have the little tutus around them. 

5. Hair accessories My daughter has super tight curly hair that tends to get just a tad out of control. On days when she actually lets me touch her hair, I like to use colorful hair ties and headbands. I love Urbanstylekids Etsy shop because she has so many varieties of adorable hair accessories. Plus, it’s awesome because she’s a mom who makes everything herself! #mompower 

What are some of your girl’s fashion “must haves” for spring?

Send me links of your favorites! I’m always looking to add to Ava’s endless wardrobe. 😉

We’ve got you covered if you have boys. Check out our boys spring fashion picks! 


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