Ideas for Teacher Gifts from a Teacher


teacher gift ideasI’m on a few mom Facebook groups, and questions come up often this time of year about what gifts are great for teachers and caretakers for the holidays.

As a teacher myself, I never expect gifts, but little gestures are always appreciated if that is something you want to do. Also, my opinions may not match up with every teacher, but I do talk to a lot of teachers.

Teacher Gifts I enjoy

Letters of Appreciation It is nice to hear in a family or child’s own words about how they appreciate you as a teacher.

Gift Cards I know not all districts allow this, but a small Starbucks, Target, or Amazon gift card is great! It’s something consumable and a little treat yourself moment for working long hours.

Office Supplies Find out your teacher’s pen of choice, and get them a pack. Sharpies or dry erase markers are great, too!

Food Items Some teachers (and people in general) have different opinions on home-baked goods, but consumable things are nice because they don’t add to clutter.

Some food item ideas might be:

  • A little bag of microwave popcorn and candy for a movie-themed gift (and maybe a Redbox code)
  • The teacher’s favorite candy or soda
  • A mix for them to make at home like bread or treats
  • Packs of gum or mints

Gifts to possibly avoid

Lotions, Candles, and Body Sprays Although these are fun, unless you know a scent your teacher has expressed that they LOVE, I would avoid these. Scent preferences can vary and not everyone wears scented lotions or burns candles in their homes. Beauty items in general are a toss up because the teacher may use them or may not. See if you can get an idea of their styles or preferences before gifting these.

Coffee Mugs If we drink coffee, we may have had a favorite mug already. Mugs are cute, but in general they add clutter.

Things that are alcohol-related This may sounds strange, but it might make the teacher feel uncomfortable. Even though the Pinterst idea of “Sorry if my kid makes you drink,” sounds funny, it is awkward.

I know I don’t speak for all teachers, but after many conversations in the teacher’s lounge, I can say I speak for many of us. We appreciate any gesture, truly we do! I hope this guide helps you in finding that little gift to show appreciation around the holidays or teacher appreciation week if you choose to do so.

Do you give teacher gifts? 

teacher gifts

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Becky grew up in Iowa and moved to Waukee in 2009 after she and her husband, Russ, settled into teaching jobs in the Metro. She and Russ have been married since June 2006 and have three boys, Henry (2010), Wesley (2013), and Calvin (2015). She teaches in Waukee and loves the small town feel that one of the fastest growing zip codes in the U.S. has to offer. For fun, Becky enjoys spending time with her boys, blogging at ByBMG, keeping up with fashion and make-up, making crafts that can be accomplished in a nap time, and “vacations” to Target.


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