Fun Ways to Display Kids’ Artwork


Kids make their first piece of art as early as day one when they place their tiny footprints in ink at the hospital. They continue to churn out artwork for years to come. Some are adorable masterpieces, and some are just scribbles on construction paper. We all have keepsake piles of differing degrees.

Charlotte got an artist easel and paint from Santa for Christmas this past December, so now her artistic contribution to the world has seemingly doubled. Having a multitude of beautiful paintings plus running out of storage space sparked my need to come up with fun ways to actually display her artwork. Here are some creative ideas.

Clipboard Wall

Fun Ways to Display Kids' Artwork: Clipboard Wall | Des Moines Moms Blog

I didn’t take step-by-step photos of this process because, to be honest, my husband banned me from the room after realizing my sub-par measuring skills were getting in the way. We used painters tape to get the rows properly spaced apart and then started with a nail in the middle of each row and worked our way outward. The key is to measure, measure, measure. Use a level, too! It looks cute, and it’s great because we can swap the artwork out as often as we want in a quick and easy way! I found the idea with instructions on It took about an hour to complete, and you can get clipboard 2-packs for $3.79 at Office Depot.

Office Series

Fun Ways to Display Kids' Artwork: Office Series | Des Moines Moms Blog

Even with the clipboard wall in place, I still had a stack of Charlotte’s paintings that I wanted to show off. I was fairly new to my job and hadn’t decorated my office yet, so I decided to hang some there as well. I selected four paintings in similar color schemes and put them in four matching 11×17 photo frames. They are now the focal point in my office at work, and I smile every time I see them. If you have a job with a cubicle or bare office walls, proudly display the cute art you have!

Boards, Wire, and Clothespins

My friend Nicole found the cutest boards with wire and clothespins at a craft show recently. She uses them for photos, but I think they would also be adorable with kiddos’ art hanging there. Here’s a link to a similar idea if you’re looking to DIY. She also has wire and clothespins in her toy room. The art hanging there features a drawing for each letter of the alphabet. She and her husband are pretty creative.


Fun Ways to Display Kids' Artwork: Photos | Des Moines Moms Blog

I’ve also heard many parents like to take photos of their young artists’ creations and save them somewhere digitally. We’re not quite that organized, but I do think it’s a great idea! And, actually, my husband just took the above photo of a painting my daughter did on the shower wall with bath paint. He plans to print it and frame it.

There you have it — a few ideas of how to display tiny folks’ artwork. I think art is such a great way for little minds to explore and grow. My little one’s favorite medium is Crayola washable paints.

What fun art do you do around your house? And how do you display it?



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