Let’s Hear from a Reader: Why We Loved Working with Ingrid Williams


Last Fall, we started Des Moines Moms Blog to connect moms to each other and to their community. Less than a year later, we’re doing just that. On a daily basis, we hear stories of new moms in town who find us, local mamas who have made new friends at playdates, or seasoned mommies who have found new community resources they love. This is why we are here and today’s post is a perfect example of those connections coming full circle!

We’re blessed to hear from Alisa Sleep, mom to sweet Ava, DMMB follower and Co-founder of Madison Mom’s Blog today!

About Alisa & Her Connection to DMMB

alisa sleep headshotAlisa lived in West Des Moines and followed Des Moines Moms Blog until just recently when her family moved to Madison, Wisconsin. Alisa saw what we were doing and set out to start a city moms blog in her new hometown. Alisa started Madison Moms Blog with her longtime friend Jamie, and those girls are rocking their community. We love having amazing sister sites alongside us in our network and couldn’t be prouder of them!

Be sure to share Madison Moms Blog with all your friends and family who live in the area so that they too can learn what an amazing community resource is available to Madison area families.

You can learn a bit about Alisa here, and we’re thrilled to hear from her today!

Alisa and her family got the chance to work with one of our premier business sponsors, Ingrid Williams, Realtor for Re/Max, so we asked her to share a little about that experience with us!

Our Experience Working with Ingrid Williams

Alisa shares, “Working with Ingrid proved to be an excellent decision!

Our home was pretty much move-in ready, and we had it staged with our furniture. Ingrid had some fabulous photographs taken which really emphasized all of the positive features and upgrades of our home. She already knew our home very well from having sold it to us a year earlier, and I was impressed with her knowledge of the market in our neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. From selling a home in the past we knew that we should eliminate all pictures of ourselves and our family from the home and make it as neutral as possible so that potential buyers would be able to ‘envision’ themselves living in that home. We also have a small dog and made sure to have her and all of her things out of the home when it was being shown.

Selling your home can be a very stressful time. I think the most important thing is to have it priced correctly from the get go. We made the mistake of pricing ours a little bit higher in the beginning because we assumed that the first offer would come in lower (as they always do) and we wanted room to negotiate. Ingrid has some amazing negotiating skills and encouraged us to lower our price, and that’s when the showings increased and ultimately we got an offer. The offer came in lower than we were willing to sell our home for, but with Ingrid’s advice and expertise we were able to find a meeting point and get our home sold. It’s hard to lower the price, but we learned it really pays off since in our case we were making monthly payments and maintenance payments on a home we were not even living in, so each month we were losing quite a bit of money.

IMG_8521The first month that our home was on the market we were still living in it (with a 5-month-old) and it was extremely difficult to keep everything ‘perfect.’ After that month, we moved to an apartment in Madison (but left our furniture for staging), and that made it much easier to be shown. The hardest part was the maintenance (snow removal and then lawn mowing come spring). Ingrid was able to recommend some local people to help take care of those things, and it also gave us peace of mind to know that she was keeping an eye on our home while we were living 360 miles away!

After we chose Ingrid as our Realtor, the process became SO much smoother. She took care of literally everything and gave us plenty of updates and feedback. I was extremely impressed at how on top of things she was. She was able to gain feedback from each showing and to give us ideas on how to utilize that feedback. I know that she is busy with her many listings, but we never would have known because she was always extremely responsive to all of our questions. We never had a doubt as to how hard she was working to get our home sold.

Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Ingrid Williams to anyone looking for a Realtor to either buy or sell a home in the Des Moines area. She knows the various neighborhoods and manages her time to make sure she is available for her clients; and her negotiating skills are amazing. Not to mention she is one of the kindest people I have known!”

Thanks to Alisa for her recommendation, and we wish her all the best with Madison Moms Blog! We’ll be seeing more of Alisa soon as she’s a consultant for Pink Papaya and we have a GIVEAWAY in the works! 

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Connect with Ingrid

Ingrid Williams is a mom of 5 and a licensed Realtor for Re/Max. Several of our DMMB families and readers have had the honor of working with her so she is highly recommended!

Ingrid is a wealth of knowledge; from finding the right realtor to moving strategies. Check out her website here.

To receive amazing coupons and/or real estate advice, contact her at [email protected] and she’ll add you to her monthly email list.

And for help in determining if this is the right time for you to sell your home, give her a call at 515.371.5277 and she’ll be glad to come out and do a free market analysis on your home.



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