We Love Fresh Thyme Farmers Market: A Guide to Des Moines Grocery Shopping


Fresh Thyme grocery tipsI have a confession that will make some of you wonder about my sanity: I love grocery shopping. I love browsing the aisles at multiple stores. I’ve been known to check out grocery stores in multiple states and countries just because I think it’s fun to see the different things each store carries. I enjoy price comparisons, learning which stores are my go-to places for produce, specialty items, etc. I can give you reasons why I purchase specific things at that store. It shouldn’t surprise you that Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is one of my favorite grocery stores for a plethora of reasons!

fresh thyme

Why I Shop at Fresh Thyme

One word: DAD aka “Double Ad Day” Their new ad comes out on Tuesdays, but the ad specials don’t officially start until Wednesday. The nice thing is that on Wednesdays, the ad specials from the previous week overlap with the new ads just starting so you get a ton of great deals on one day!

My GO-To Items

Fantastic deals and produce. I make it a priority to shop all the things that are on sale for that week. Their produce is some of the best too. It’s always fresh and of great quality. Look for great deals on avocados, peppers, fresh herbs, berries, grapes, green beans, and even BOGO kombucha, Halo Top ice cream, and RX bars!   

The employees at the meat counter are super helpful. One employee offered me some great tips on how to grill and marinate shrimp. We also love purchasing their thick-cut bacon during BLT season. 

My kids adore the raspberry strudel bites for breakfast treats. I can’t say that I mind them much either. They pair well with juice from Fresh Thyme’s fresh pressed juice counter or their bulk coffee selection. 

Fresh Thyme Des Moines

And their fresh honey roasted peanut butter is divine 🙂

Tips, Tricks, and Mom Hacks

Kid-friendly. Fresh Thyme definitely caters to a family-friendly atmosphere. My kiddos know that Wednesday is DAD and that they’ll get to pick a healthy treat from the “Farm Stand.” There is also a roving red tractor that store employees move week to week to a new location for kids to find. Once your child finds the hidden tractor, they can report it to the checkout lane for a sticker or a sucker. My kids are always happy to accompany me on a trip to Fresh Thyme!

Why I Recommend Fresh Thyme Farmers Market

Friendly employees. On more than one occasion, a staff member has willingly gone to the back to see if they have more of a particular item. And if they don’t have something that’s on special – no problem, they’ll willingly write you a rain check with no expiration date. Of course there are times where my kids haven’t been able to find the hidden tractor and an employee will give them a pretty broad hint as to where they should look. 

The store, as a whole, is an enjoyable experience. Knowledgeable employees, well-kept bathrooms, excellent produce, meat, and fresh juices. Fresh Thyme is fun for my kids and fun for this grocery shopping loving momma!


2900 University Ave, West Des Moines

215 SE 5th St. Ames

This post is part of Des Moines Moms Blog’s Ultimate Guide to Grocery Shopping. This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are our own.

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