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For many children, kindergarten is a momentous step in life’s big adventure. Parents often wonder if their child is ready or worry about the transition. Paula Olson, a West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) kindergarten teacher, understands these concerns. She and her fellow teachers welcome new kindergarteners to school each fall and share with parents the belief that every child can flourish.

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Here are five tips from a kindergarten teacher that can help make the kindergarten transition a success.

1. Develop their spirit of independence.

Kindergartners should know how to dress themselves, use the bathroom, and complete simple tasks without assistance. Some indicators of healthy autonomy are the ability to work independently on puzzles or coloring and to check out library books.

2. Work on those fine motor skills.

Children learn many new tasks in kindergarten. Having strong fine motor skills can be a huge help when they draw, make crafts, and write. Consult with your doctor for advice on appropriate development.

3. Make playing with others a priority.

From the very first day of school, WDMCS students and staff work to make our schools a welcoming, caring place to learn, grow, and make friends. Incoming kindergartners can practice listening, expressing emotions verbally, and communicating with friends and adults—especially non-family members.

4. Practice simple self-care habits.

Kindergarten students can practice skills like hand-washing and tying shoes. They should be able to easily separate from family members and know personal information, including family members’ names and phone numbers.

5. Start at the beginning.

In the WDMCS, we believe parents and guardians are the first and most important teachers for children. Help your children begin their learning by practicing word and number skills. They should be able to identify letters and sounds from the alphabet, recognize basic numbers and shapes, and count up to 20.

Kindergarten West Des Moines Community Schools | Des Moines Moms Blog

With classrooms led by experienced, dedicated teachers like Paula, your child will have a nurturing place to learn in the WDMCS. Your child’s kindergarten and first-grade classroom will also be supported by a full-time assistant.

As he grows, your child can continue to explore his interests and talents in the WDMCS. He will have the opportunity to learn to play a string instrument as early as fourth grade and a band instrument as early as fifth grade. Your child will also begin learning the Spanish language as early as fourth grade with our Foreign Language in Elementary Schools program. WDMCS also provides opportunities to experience the New Tech learning model and the Artful Learning education model.

With a caring, dynamic environment that supports all students, WDMCS is a great place to prepare for life’s big adventures.

Register for kindergarten in the WDMCS today to get your child started on the first of the many adventures he will experience. If you have questions about registration, please contact WDMCS district registrar, Joy Zuber, at 515-633-5101 or [email protected]

Kindergarten West Des Moines Community Schools | Des Moines Moms Blog


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