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Remember that amazing giveaway for that darling Mud Pie Christmas outfit last month? We’re thrilled to share more  about Itty Bitty Boutique. Itty Bitty Boutique is an online store offering boutique children’s clothing and custom made hair bows.

Business Card frontAbout Itty Bitty Boutique

Itty Bitty Boutique is owned by local mama and business owner Kristie Borwick. Kristie wants every little fashionista to have amazing boutique clothes without Mommy spending big boutique prices.

Kristie notes, “I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls (ages 13 and 2), a chauffeur, master chef, boo boo kisser, story teller, dream maker, soccer mom, dance mom and tumbling mom. Amongst all of that I have a wonderful husband who puts up with all the estrogen in our house.

I have always loved clothes and hair bows. Clothes for me, clothes/hairbows for my girls and even clothes for my girls’ dolls. My girls are my little fashionistas and they LOVE IT! So what better way to share my love of clothes than bycreating my online store! I can also create any style of hair bow you are looking for from a small simple every day bow to an over the top bow with rhinestones and feathers. I take all the work out of your hands. I seek out the most adorable, brand name boutique clothes and sell them to you at an amazing cost. You dress your little fashionistas and everyone is happy.”

When asked how Itty Bitty got started she shares, “I noticed how expensive all these girls clothes were and just wondered  how I could afford all of it (or at least be able to rationalize it to my husband) because I just knew I had to have it all! That’s when I decided I wanted to do what I could to not only buy these boutique clothes at a reasonable price but to offer it to others at a reasonable price and to share the love of name brand/boutique clothes. So I did my research, tested out some clothing lines, had some bad experiences and learned from them… and from there I created Itty Bitty Boutique.”

Kristie Talks About Being A Mom

Borwick family“I know how lucky I am to have my girls and they truly are my miracle babies. I got pregnant with my first daughter without any problems. It wasn’t till after my husband and I started trying for our 2nd daughter we realized it was not going to be an easy road.

2 miscarriages and months of fertility treatments later we found out that I have a rare chromosome abnormality. In addition to finding that out we found out that my getting pregnant with my first daughter and delivering her as a healthy baby girl was only a 13% possibility. Now we had a decision to make, the Dr. told us that the safest way for us and to increase our chances of having a child without life threatening abnormalities was to do IVF with chromosome testing on the embryos or adopt. We cried and prayed for an answer. Was adoption a better option? Did insurance even cover IVF? What if IVF didn’t work? Could I handle another miscarriage? We finally decided on IVF.

Our first round of IVF brought us only 2 good embryos, they were implanted and after 14 days we got the shocking news that they did not implant and I was not pregnant. Heartache was all we felt but we knew we had to try again. More medicine, more needles, and shots, sometimes 3 times a day (which by the way I am TERRIFIED of needles, so I just knew this was God’s way of testing me).

On day 11 I took a pregnancy test at 11:30pm and there was the faintest pink line.. so what does any rational women do when they are waiting to find out if they are pregnant?? They take 2 more tests lol.. That faint pink line was there on all 3! I was overjoyed! Even more overjoyed to tell my husband the next morning when he got home from work!”

Name Brand Boutique Clothing

Kristie carries favorite boutique brands like Mud-Pie, Ann Loren, Bonnie Jean and more in sizes from 0-7 (she is working on expanding to cover sizes up to size 14) and even carries some doll-size matching outfits for our beloved American Girl dolls. Kristie shares, ” I am always open to new suggestions of brands you are looking for, ideas for types of clothing you are wanting to purchase… I am here for you and your fashionistas!” (Please note that Kristie doesn’t just carry girls clothing. She can dress your sweet gentlemen as well.)

itty bitt collage 2

Connect with Itty Bitty Boutique

Check out Itty Bitty’s Facebook page for updates and sales. This is the best place to view all her current inventory and specials.

She’ll be having specials on Valentines bows and boutique outfits here soon so be sure to Like her to get her updates!

You can view her Website to learn more and see more examples of the items she can order for you.  

Follow Kristie on Twitter @ittybittyboutia



  1. Thank You so much for this article!! I couldn’t have written it better myself!!

    Owner of Itty Bitty Boutique


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