Making Exercise Work for Busy Moms


Training Pic 2 (2)When I was younger and single, time at the gym was a priority I never thought I’d lose.  With no one to answer to but myself- and maybe my dogs- I had the luxury of personal time.

Fast forward 8 years and I’m a homeschooling mom to two daughters, freelance writer, social media educator and wife to a hard working guy.

In short, I’m busy.

And exercise had ceased its priority status.  In fact, it had no status at all.

I tried joining a gym, but found that the drive time to and from, combined with the hassle of toting the kids hither and yon, frustrated me so much that I soon stopped going.

Determined that I would work out at home, I bought a full home gym, added a nice elliptical machine a couple years later and then traded the elliptical for a gym-quality treadmill.

But I got bored with my workouts and day-to-day life would inject itself easily.

I needed a solution that fit my life, fit my equipment and was fun to do.

GroupEx with Geneva

When I was offered the chance to work with Geneva Ross, I jumped at it with the hope that she would inspire me, teach me and drag me from the rut I found myself in.

Working out of her home (with a babysitter on hand!), Geneva offers personal training to individuals -or even duos – who want to find a way to work out, effectively, at home.

Your first meeting with Geneva is your fitness assessment; possibly the toughest fitness assessment I have ever completed- I was sore the next day!  After testing your abilities, learning your goals and finding out what type of equipment you have at home, Geneva creates a workout plan specifically for you.

Your second meeting with Geneva is all about your workout.  She walks you through every exercise, explaining how to do it correctly, how often to exercise and even how to make that exercise more challenging as your fitness level progresses.

After 2 or 3 meetings with Geneva, you are set to work out on your own, following the plan she has set for you and returning in 6-8 weeks to be re-assessed, see improvement and get a new workout plan.

My Experience with Geneva

As a working mom, Geneva understands just how precious a commodity time is.  So when I told her I wanted workouts that could be done in under 45 minutes –and preferably under half an hour- she didn’t blink an eye.

I was impressed by the “get to know you” paperwork she sent me prior to our first meeting; it enhanced the personalized approach she takes to training her clients.  The workout she designed for me is targeted to my goals of building cardiovascular endurance with a secondary focus on strength training.  It’s a tough workout with enough variety that I haven’t grown bored in the 4 weeks I’ve been following it.

During this time, Geneva has checked in with me via email and Facebook to make sure I don’t have any questions and to see if I am having any problems.

Though life and travel have interrupted my planned exercise schedule, I find it is easier to get back to it when I have a plan in place and don’t have to create each workout myself.   I plan to continue working with Geneva, updating my exercises every 8-10 weeks and making my way toward my goals.

You can find out more about working out with Geneva, her prices and even group fitness classes at GroupEx With Geneva.  If you are ready to make a change in your fitness routine (or lack of one), follow Geneva on Facebook and take the first step to your health!



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