Every Woman Counts Recap: Encouragement for Moms


I am a note taker.

In meetings, in church, when reading a book.

And apparently I can now add luncheons to the list of places you can find me taking copious notes.

Count the Kicks Logo 4C (2)Back in April, I had the privilege of attending the Every Woman Counts luncheon. The goal of this event was to raise awareness and funds for the Count the Kicks campaign. Have you heard of Count the Kicks? If not, I am so excited to share it with you!

As expecting mamas, it is incredibly easy to be overwhelmed with anxiety. Especially when you’re waiting weeks between doctor’s appointments. Count the Kicks is a very simple strategy that can help ensure your baby is active and healthy. Recently, they have developed an app, making it that much easier to remember the time of day you’ve chosen to count, help you keep track of the kicks, etc. If your summer is shaping up like mine and is full of baby showers, I encourage you to add a little extra note in the card to your mama friend telling her about this simple practice that could make a huge difference in her last trimester.

count the kicks glennon doyleIn addition to learning about Count the Kicks and the incredible women behind this effort, I was blown away by the story and words of Glennon Melton, founder of Momastry. The woman oozes authenticity and so much of what she said resonated with me. I hope some of these highlights will be just what you needed to hear today, too:

Stop believing that other women are living AT YOU.

The mama at the mall with perfectly coiffed hair, the friend who always has organic, free-range snacks, and the acquaintance who seems to never raise her voice are all doing the best they can with what they have and what they know. They aren’t intended to be mirrors that reflect back on you.

The value of brokenheartedness.

We all resist it. We live as if our job is to keep our hearts in tact. But all life-changing works begin with a broken heart. What breaks your heart? There’s your purpose. 

There’s a difference between loving our small children and loving parenting our small children.

What are we doing? Raising humans. If they see us as perfect, they will be left alone to deal with their own crappiness as humans. We all make mistakes and that can be painful. As mamas, we can’t be perfect, but we can walk with our children through the challenges of this life.  

Overall, attending this event was just another reminder that I am surrounded by this great crowd of women who are passionate about sharing their journeys, supporting other mamas, and providing the best resources available.

Is there an event or resource that recently encouraged you as a new or seasoned mama?


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