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egg huntGo for a neighborhood Egg Hunt April 5-12th!

In person egg hunts may be canceled this year, but we can still celebrate spring with a neighborhood egg hunt (social distance style)! Encourage your neighborhoods to participate in a Neighborhood Egg Hunt.

How It Works

  1. Download these FREE Printables (or feel free to create your own) and have your kiddos color paint them.
  2. Display your colorful Easter egg art on front-facing windows, making sure anyone walking by can see. 
  3. Spread the word to your neighbors! Share this in your Facebook groups or text threads.
  4. Decorate your eggs and put them in your windows. Keep them up until Easter Sunday, April 12th. 

Go on an Egg Hunt April 5-12thegg download

Take a walk around your neighborhood hunting for eggs – be sure to count how many you find! Take pictures of your favorites, and be sure to share by tagging @desmoinesmom as we would love to share.

Please join us and SHARE pics of your Egg Hunt HERE! We hope to get as many involved as we can. 

Happy hunting!

egg hunt


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