5 Reasons You Should Get a Free Educational Screening


5 Reasons to Get a Free Screening

Do you have a hard time understanding your toddler? Does your 3rd grader’s reading sound choppy? Would your high school student benefit from organization and study skills?

Enrichment Therapy & Learning Center offers free educational screenings to help determine whether your child would benefit from additional assistance. They can help your child with their speech, language, and academic needs no matter their age or skill level.Enrichment Therapy Des MoinesHere are 5 reasons to get a free educational screening:

1. You suspect something’s off. Can you understand your child but grandma and grandpa have a harder time? Are your child’s scores at school lower than you anticipate, or does she struggle with particular skills? Does your child often “freeze” when it comes to a test so his grades don’t reflect what he really knows? Get a free screening! This is a no-cost, no-obligation, quick and easy way to find out if your suspicions are on point.

2. Peace of mind. The screening process is quick and easy. In 30 minutes, a qualified specialist will determine the best plan of action to help your child reach his full potential. Once the screening is complete, you will know if a full evaluation and one-on-one assistance is the best route for your child to thrive, or if with a little work at home your child will be on the path to success on her own in no time.

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3. It’s not always obvious. Your child doesn’t have to be severely struggling in a skill to benefit from the screening process. Perhaps your child struggles to follow directions, but what child is compliant ALL of the time? Or could it be that his sentences and stories are hard to follow? Math timed tests might be a little hard but with a little more practice she will get them, right? Maybe. But what if your child is struggling because he doesn’t have the specific tools he needs to succeed? Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center (ETLC) recognizes that not every child learns the same way, which is why their specialists are trained in a variety of strategies and programs to create an individualized game plan to help your child determine the best way he learns.

4. Early intervention is key. The further along your child gets, the further behind she can fall without the right support. No one wants your child to struggle or for you to feel frustrated. At ETLC, specialists work to provide your child with the support he needs for his individual skill level to reach his goals.

5. Why not? What do you have to lose? The educational screening is free, there is no obligation to continue after the screening, and you gain peace of mind in knowing where your child stands on his path to success.

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Are you ready to help your child achieve their full potential? Call to schedule a free educational screening with one of their specialists: 515-419-4270 or visit them online at www.enrichmenttherapies.com

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