6 Ways Eating Fiber Helps You Lose Weight


eating fiber

We live in a world that wants quick fixes…especially when it comes to losing weight. Although I don’t recommend these quick fixes because they never promise lasting results, I do have a handful of powerful nutrition hacks that are free of gimmicks and really work.

Eating more fiber is one of them.

Fiber can’t be absorbed in the body so it’s basically free calories. Which is why it’s vital to eat at the very minimum the recommended amount so you can really get all the amazing benefits it provides. Women need a minimum of 25 grams and men 36 grams. Sadly, most Americans don’t get the recommended amount. 

If you want to shed some pounds, eat more fiber from whole foods like beans, oatmeal, chia seeds, and fruit. 

6 ways eating fiber helps you lose weight

1. It makes you poop more

This one is more common knowledge. But did you know that just adding as little as 3 grams (a quarter cup of beans) of fiber can promote regularity? Don’t overlook this simple weight loss function: whatever ends up in the stool doesn’t have a chance to end up on your hips or belly.

2. Fiber adds bulk to your food without the added calories

It has zero calories and is indigestible so it adds bulk to food without added extra calories. 

3. It keeps you feeling full

Foods that contain fiber are also more satiating. Fiber-rich foods require more chewing, slowing down your eating rate, which itself can improve satiety.

4. Fiber prevents your body from absorbing calories

When food passes through our body along with fiber our body doesn’t absorb as many of the calories. Fiber-rich food creates a gel that surrounds food as it passes through the intestine. Your body is unable to absorb the fiber itself. So, it’s not necessarily what you eat but what you absorb!

You can lose more weight on a high fiber diet eating the exact same number of calories simply because some of those calories get trapped and never get absorbed into your system. I personally love eating a fiber-rich diet…I get to eat a lot!

5. It blocks fat

A food that actually blocks fat?! It’s true! Fiber has been shown to act as a fat and starch blocker too.

6. Fiber feeds our gut flora

Our gut health is super important but it’s often overlooked. Eating fiber can help our gut flora because it thrives on fiber and plays a key role in regulating our appetites, metabolism, and body fat.

Did I convince you to start adding more fiber into your diet? I hope so!

If you want to lose weight, this is where to start. And it’s as easy as swapping out your breakfast for a big bowl of oat cereal. This is my favorite way to start my day off to ensure that I’m getting over 16 grams of fiber right off the bat. 

Here’s one of my go-to recipes

Cinnamon Roll Oat Cereal 

½ cup oats 

1 tbsp chia seeds 

1-2 tbsp crushed pecans/walnuts

1 tbsp almond butter 

1/2 tsp Pure Maple Syrup

1/2 tsp cinnamon

banana slices, optional 

3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk


Add all ingredients to a bowl and top with almond milk. Eat it cold like a cereal (my favorite way!) or heat it up in a microwave for warm oatmeal. 

Curious, have you heard how powerful and vital fiber is if you want to lose weight? 

eating fiber


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