Easy Ways to Create Intentional Moments for your Family


family timeAs a family of four, we love getting to take and plan parties and trips. I am a planner by nature and love creating fun things for our family to do. 

Take a Trip

Every month we try to plan some type of trip or adventure. We focus on short trips we can do in a weekend – even if it is just going to Omaha or Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. Our kids are at a good age to snuggle in bed at a hotel room after a busy day making it easier.

Maybe it is just me but it is easy to fall into everyone doing their own thing during the week – the kids have games, my husband takes on projects, and I usually end up doing my norm – cleaning, laundry, working out – nothing too grand over here. 


I try to be simple but intentional about celebrations. It could be birthdays, graduations, getting a promotion at work – we make it a BIG deal. I want to look back and know I celebrated the things we accomplished along the way. Our kids totally remember the Air Bnbs we have stayed at, the fun places we have been, and the desire to spend time together as a family. My true goal is to cultivate an environment where my kids want to do things with us and down the road, we aren’t “making them.” I want to grow with my kids – like their likes – enjoy their interests so we can keep growing together. 

More Family Fun

  • Spend an afternoon at Urban Air in Ankeny
  • Catch a movie at B and B Theater, my kids LOVE the reclining heated seats 
  • Head to the Omaha Zoo 
  • Go to Great Wolf Lodge in Minneapolis or Kansas City 
  • Visit a hotel with a pool close by- order take out and fall asleep to a movie 
  • Plan a beach day, we will pack a lunch, head to Saylorville, and spend the whole day 
  • I buy lots of cheap decorations on Amazon and use banners, signs, and ceiling poofs over and over again to spruce up the house or a room for fun celebrations 

What are your favorite things to do as a family?

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Haley Phillips lives in Ankeny with her husband, Matthew and two living children, Hudson and Quinn. She loves spending time outside with her family and friends frequenting parks and trails. Reading and sipping coffee are her favorite pastimes. She currently serves as co-founder and Client Manager of The Fletcher Foundation which exists to help families emotionally and financially after miscarriage or stillbirth. You can find more information at thefletcherfoundation.org.


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