The Two Sides of Direct Sales


    direct sales and momsOh my gosh… she wants me to buy what?

    We all have that friend who hasn’t been a “friend” in over 10 years, but suddenly she’s messaging us about this thing we just HAVE to try.

    We all have that friend who posts about her products on her Facebook profile and that’s all we ever see. Buy my cream. Buy my bag. Buy my supplement.

    Direct sellers can get a really bad reputation, but some of us are doing it right.

    Ladies, I get it. And honestly, I get sick of it too. I have unfollowed many friends because of it.

    But, here’s another thing. I am a direct seller. I have been with my company for over two years, and I have done it without putting my family in debt and have actually earned a decent amount of money doing it.

    Today I wanted to share two letters: one is written to friends of direct sellers, and the other to someone in the direct selling business.

    Dear Friend of a Direct Seller,

    If you are not interested in what your friend is selling, that is OK! There are other ways you can support this person besides buying what they’re selling. You can simply like, comment, or share their posts. You can refer your friends to them.

    If you like the product they’re selling, share it! You never know how your review can expand that person’s circle. Host the party. Be their fangirl. They will appreciate it!

    Give your direct seller friends the benefit of the doubt. You probably buy things because a celebrity has endorsed them. Why not give things a chance that people you actually know are selling. You might be surprised. If your friend has been with their business for over a year they likely truly believe in the product and it is probably good.

    If your friend is really annoying you, tell them. Be honest. If they have the guts to reach out to you about something, have the guts back to tell them you aren’t interested instead of just leaving the message or email unanswered. You don’t have to be rude about it, just be tactful. They will appreciate it. And if they continue to hound you after you’ve said your peace, you’re welcome to block them.


    Your Direct Seller Friend


    direct sales mom

    Dear Direct Sales Friends,

    I see you. Some of you are doing it right. Some of you are not.

    Instead of making every post about your amazing product, how about you limit yourself. People are friends with you on Facebook because they want to see YOU, not the products you sell. It’s okay to share about it every once in a while (maybe once a week to once a month), but not every single day, every single post. If you want to have a spot dedicated to your business, create a Facebook group so people who are interested can join.

    Do not cold message people who have shown no interest in what you’re selling. They will see you as sleazy and just another person trying to sell something. Don’t friend random people in an attempt to sell your stuff.  Instead, naturally fit it into your feed. Share what you’re doing and allow people the option to seek more information if they are interested.

    If you’re working toward a goal, work toward it in the way you usually run your business. Don’t get sympathy buys by posting you’re trying to sell $X, instead follow up with customers in a natural way asking them if they need something. Make it personal and about the customer, not about you and earning money for yourself.

    Don’t skip around with the flavor of the month or year. Join a company because you believe in their products. If you are constantly joining a new company because it’s a new fun thing, people will not see you as genuine!

    If you’re experiencing success, share it! Show people that it does work for you. Were you able to pay for your son’s soccer league with your earnings or buy that new refrigerator? Brag on yourself a little. You earned it!


    Your Direct Seller Friend

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