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Looking for a dentist who you don’t dread visiting? Check out The Dental Loft in Urbandale.

dental loftAt The Dental Loft, their goal is to provide patients with the highest quality dental care possible. Their trained staff of dental professionals understand how important it is for you and your family to receive the best care possible in the most comfortable setting imaginable. The more positive your experience is, the more likely you and your family are to return for regular checkups, professional cleanings, and treatment appointments when needed.

What Makes The Dental Loft Different

The Dental Loft focuses on three things: patient experience, education, and delivering dentistry with a personal touch.

Patient experience: Dr. Stefanie has designed her office so patients won’t have bright lights shining down on them or sharp instruments in front of them. Instead, patients will have a flat-screen TV in front of them and they can put on noise-canceling headphones and catch-up on their favorite shows, watch a movie, or listen to music. The idea is to allow patients to tune them out while they take care of the dentistry. 

Focus on Education: As they complete your tooth-by-tooth exam, they use an inter-oral camera to take pictures of issues that need to be addressed. They use the flat-screen TVs to show patients the photos so they can see what they noticed inside their mouths. This helps patients better understand why treatment is necessary and the options available to them so that they can achieve their best smile.

Personal Touch: They take the time to get to know their patients and their health histories on a personal level. Patients aren’t passed from doctor to doctor. You are guaranteed to see Dr. Stefanie at every visit.

These three elements – patient experience, focus on education, and caring for patients with a personal touch – are the key elements of their mission to “Do Dentistry Differently.”  

Dental Loft Patient Reviews

“I highly recommend for those who get stressed going to the dentist. This office sets a high bar for all the rest!” – Gina, Google review

It was great, got my teeth cleaned for the first time in years. Everyone was so nice, the office was so clean, they let me pick a Netflix show to watch while they cleaned. They made sure I was comfortable the whole time, and I never had one of those arm chair squeezing feelings while they cleaned my teeth, which I have gotten at plenty of other places. Definitely happy I found them.” -Brian, Google review

“The most glamorous dental office in Iowa.” – Becky Pospisal, Owner of The Knotty Nail

“The Dental Loft is the most family-friendly dental office I have ever been to. They have a great play area for the kids as well as a room the kids can sit in and watch Netflix during their parents’ appointment. I have 4 children and I was able to have my appointment with all 4 of my kids there with me. It was really nice.  Dr. Stefanie is very kind and patient. She makes you feel extremely comfortable and well cared for. She treats you like her friend rather than her patient, which is really nice.  Love this place! I am recommending it to all of my friends and family!”  – Courtney, Facebook review

“For once, I don’t feel judged while at the dentist! They take extra care and they’re very gentle and considerate when working on your teeth. I feel very comfortable, highly recommend.”  – Ashley

“My kids loved it! My 11-year-old daughter has always been very anxious going to the dentist and she asked when they get to go back!! It is beautiful and welcoming. My kids absolutely loved all of the ladies that work there and I feel really good about the care that they received!” – Emily, Facebook review

“Dr. Stefanie and staff are AMAZING! My kids have always been nervous to go to the dentist. My son said he actually wants to go back! They are so comforting and the atmosphere makes you feel right at home. We highly recommend the Dental Loft!” – Stephanie, Facebook review

If you’re looking for a different dental experience, check out The Dental Loft! 

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Connect with The Dental Loft

4555 156th Street, Suite E Urbandale






Upcoming Events

  • The Dental Loft will be providing a limited number of free cleanings and check-ups for kids on Tuesday, August 6th.
  • Outdoor movie night: Sandlot at Shuler Elementary School on July 27th
  • Outdoor movie night: Matilda at Walnut Hills Elementary School on August 17th. Popcorn will be provided at both showings. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own seating and beverages (alcohol is not allowed). Both events are from 8 to 11 PM and will be held inside in case of inclement weather. 



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