Dear Second Child: Some Christmastime Apologies


Dear Second Child,

Dear Second Child: Some Christmastime Apologies
No matter the season, we can be found with frosting on our faces.

As you know, mama has been writing for Des Moines Moms Blog this past year.

It’s been so much fun getting to tell central Iowa about the shenanigans in our house — the good, the bad, and the messy.

Just the other day, I started preparing this really fun post on embracing shared holiday traditions. I’m looking through my Facebook and Instagram for fun photos of you and your brother to sprinkle throughout my festive holiday suggestions, and I realized…

…there is no photographic evidence of your first Christmas.


This might be the longest case of delayed guilt I’ve yet to feel in motherhood.


I had no idea.

Until right now.

Mere days before your second Christmas.

Is this what it is to be the second child?

No wonder you’re a little scream-ier than older brother. How else will you get noticed?!

Well, buddy boy. While we find ourselves here, I figured I might as well apologize for some of the #secondchildshortcomings you might experience this holiday season.

Half-opened presents.

You know how I thought it would be fun to try St. Nicholas Day this year and leave presents under your shoes? Yeah.  About that. What I didn’t count on is your brother (who insists on waking us up pre-dawn daily) quietly sneaking to uncover presents and half tearing yours open before you had a chance. Sorry about that.

Dear Second Child: Some Christmastime ApologiesPresents beyond your years.

When you finally got your gift, I wasn’t surprised that you immediately grabbed for your brother’s gift. But see — mom wised up this year. You both got the same thing (a Melissa & Doug coloring book). I gotta give credit where credit is due here: the same gift trick? Totally a page out of your grandparents’ parenting play book!

Blurry photographic evidence of your second Christmas.

Truly kiddo, I have no idea why there aren’t pictures of your adorable, squishy, stationary smile from last winter. I got nothing. But unfortunately, it’s not likely that there will be better luck this year. I occasionally get some sweet shots of your winter hat or your behind as your look in windows with your brother, but otherwise, you’re on the move!

Dear Second Child: Some Christmastime ApologiesSo buddy, you got me.

I’m not the perfect mom.

And sometimes I’m just enjoying the moment instead of capturing it for social media.

Although you might not always have the best photos or my fullest attention, baby boy, never doubt that you have my full heart and that I’m grateful for the moments — captured or not, special or ordinary — that I’ve gotten to spend as your mama.


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