Dear Big Kid: A Letter From A Loving Mother


Dear Big Kid,

At the bus stop, on the playground, at the mall. I see you. You and your big kid attitude with your big kid ideas. I am not impressed by your iPhone, nor your Ugg boots. But you do scare me. With your influential “coolness” that seem to attract my little ones. With your “I don’t care” motto and your punk music. For some reason, my little ones think you are pretty neat. And that scares me.

I teach my children to be cheerful, obedient and careful. To respect adults, to listen when spoken to, and to help others. I hope these values stick with them as they become big kids. All too soon, my children will grow up. They will figure out how to be a big kid without your influence and encouragement. Please, do not teach them that what their parents say doesn’t matter. That wearing a coat in Iowa in January is for the weak. That bossing around little ones is fun and a privilege. That texting on your iPhone and listening to loud music is the only way to be in this day and age. That being on your own, without a parent around, is awesome. I work very hard at protecting my children and teaching them how to treat others. Please, don’t undo all that I’ve done in the past eight years. I don’t have time to repair that kind of damage.

I know that you, too, used to be a sweet, innocent, caring little kid with eyes full of wonder at the big kid on the corner, standing in the street, waiting for the bus. You, too, used to hug your mama when you came home from school. You, too, used to want someone to play a game with you or just sit and snuggle. You, too, used to ask for help getting a cup of water. You, too, used to look up to your mom and dad. At what point did that change? At what point WILL this change for us?

You scare me, because I know that my children will be somewhat like you someday. Independent, embarrassed by mom and dad, infatuated with technology. Please, let me keep them as my littles for just a while longer. Keep your big kid stuff to yourself. We are trying to snuggle up with a book over here and still learning to tie shoes.

Mama to the Littles


  1. I don’t have kids in school yet but can totally relate. Our kids have an amazing and scary opportunity in this world to live differently then “everyone” else and be a light in this dark world. Thanks for your honesty!


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