Dear 25-Year-Old Self


This is what I wish I would have known five years ago.

Dear 25-Year-Old Self,

I see how you look longingly at pregnant women. I know how every time another friend shares with you that they are expecting that you smile and choke out words of congratulations all while choking back tears. You wonder why after over a year of trying you are still not getting the chance to have a baby bump and announce that YOU are the one who is pregnant. Please know that all the heartbreak and months of waiting will be so very worth it. You actually might not even believe me if I tell you how blessed you will be.

Next year you will be blessed with your first son. A son who is like you in almost every way-full of fire and spunk and personality.  And just when you think things can’t get any better they do. When you are 28 you will welcome your 2nd son into your family. This baby will have the brightest blue eyes and most contagious smile and he will be quite possibly the sweetest thing you will ever meet. Every time that you look at those two boys you will thank God for his perfect timing because he really got it right.

Always know how lucky you are to have the husband that you do. He is loving and kind and the perfect balance to you. He will really show you what determination and being selfless looks like in the future. Even after you have children, continue to carve out time for dates and quiet conversations-that time will be well invested. Also, a heads up, if you think you love your husband now just you wait until you see him become a father. Best.Thing.Ever.

Please be nice to your mom and appreciate all that she does for you. She is one of your best friends but you still can get mad or annoyed at her over words of advice or a difference in opinion. You see, you will never fully understand a mother’s love until you are a mother yourself. The moment you become a mother you will just get it. You will really understand just how much she loves you and how deep that love runs. Never take your mother for granted. Never.

Be kind to your body and take good care of it. Pregnancy agrees with you so soak up that round belly and enjoy the miracle that is taking place inside you. Your body is going to awe you at it’s own strength and power when you give birth to those boys. There will come a day when you look in the mirror and you are greeted with the reflection of stretch marks and flabby skin and some cellulite. Know that those are your Momma battle scars for carrying and birthing two babies and wear them with honor because the harsh reality is you will probably carry some of  those scars with you forever. But also know that if you don’t like what you see in the mirror that you have the power to change it. Make time for yourself and show your kids what a healthy lifestyle is; you are giving them a gift by doing so.

Take the time to invest in friendships. You have been so blessed to have amazing women in your life. Nurture the friendships that you have and put time and effort into them. You will be repaid so beautifully. Also know when it is time to let a friendship go. Sometimes you are on different paths and that is OK. Lastly, always leave room in your heart for new friendships you never know when somebody will walk in and bless you with their friendship.

These next five years are probably going to some of the best in your life and provide many memories that you want to revisit again and again.  Please splurge and buy that nice camera that you have had your eye on. I promise it will be worth every single penny.

Most importantly remember that you are your own harshest critic. Respect yourself, recognize your strengths and give yourself grace in your weaknesses. Know that at times the road might be bumpy, but oh so worth it. You have so many people in your corner cheering and supporting you.  You are going to rock these next 5 years!


Katie at almost 30-years-old

What do you wish you could have told yourself at 25?



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