Where Can You Go When You Don’t Have Any Debt (Giveaway)


I am asked- often- how my family is able to travel as much as we do.  While my job as a travel writer does open some doors, my family rarely takes trips that are compensated.  Instead, we pay for the majority of our travels, choosing the places we want to go and doing the things we want to do.

So, how do we manage to travel as often as we do?

Priorities and a strong financial plan.

Finding Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey

My family is a single income middle-class family.  In 2008 I read a book called The Total Money Makeover by a guy named Dave Ramsey- and our financial lives were forever changed.  Not long after reading that book, my husband and I attended Financial Peace University at at our church.  During that class, we learned how to control our money, set priorities in this “I want it now” society and began a debt snowball to pay off the seemingly endless string of bills that we owed.

Forward 6 years…  We have paid off nearly $113,000 dollars of debt including 2 cars.

So where can you go when you don’t have any debt?

Anywhere you want!

 Take Your Fist Steps Toward Financial Peace

My husband and I recently saw Dave Ramsey live when he was in Des Moines.  With our tickets we each received a signed copy of The Total Money Makeover, and I also won a boxed set of Junior’s Adventures books for kids as well as a Financial Peace Jr kit.  Which is really cool- but my family has drunk the kool-aid.  We have these books and my girls have been using Financial Peace Jr for years.

Which gives me the opportunity to share with someone the first steps in changing your family tree and helping you toward financial peace.  Whether your goal is to travel more, work less or save for a luxurious retirement, you’ll find the answers in The Total Money Makeover while the Financial Peace Jr products will give your kids a foundation for understanding money.

Dave Ramsey Prize Pack

Want to know more about our “relationship” with Dave Ramsey?  I’ve written about it many times at Family Rambling.  I would be honored if you would join me there.

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  1. We LOVE Dave Ramsey, we were at Dave’s show in Des Moines as well. Loved hearing Rachel and Dave, both are very gifted speakers!

  2. We have been blessed to go through Dave’s program and we are debt free (except our house). It has been an amazing blessing. Since becoming debt free we have been able to pay cash for our van and put $20,000 down on our new home that we purchased less than a month ago without touching our Emergency Fund or completely depleating our savings. Our family is filled with a great peace! Praise to God for this blessing!

  3. I have started down this journey but, think the book would so helpful. I can’t wait to be debt free and be able to live a more comfortable and secure life with my growing family!

  4. LOVE Dave Ramsey!! We too attended his live event in Des Moines. He has helped us change our habits and our future. I was wanting to buy the Financial Peace Jr. kit for my 2-year old, but my budget-conscious husband suggested that we wait…

    If we had no debt, we would take a whole-family trip to Kenya to visit a friend.

    : )

  5. If we had no debt, and it were up to my husband, we’d “sell everything, buy an RV and travel!” I’d go along with part of that plan…!


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