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Two professional women. The Law Shop. Des Moines MomGetting a divorce, writing your will, or going through the adoption process are all huge life events that require legal services. The Law Shop by Skogerson McGinn LLC is there to help you turn the page.

Like you and your family, The Law Shop’s story is unique. The Law Shop (TLS) sees important legal matters such as getting a divorce, writing a will, or buying a house as small chapters in the much bigger story of your life. TLS helps guide the pen for this particular chapter by creating a customized legal services plan that considers the specific characters, setting, plot, and even budget in your own story.

Unbundled Legal Services

TLS is different because they provide something called “unbundled legal services.” This means that for the legal matter in your story, the attorneys at TLS know you want and need options for quality legal representation.

  • You might want a full-on co-author, which means having an attorney by your side throughout most or all of your case.
  • Maybe you just need an occasional guest author, which is when an attorney handles one or more specific tasks within your legal matter and you handle the rest on your own.
  • Or perhaps you are most comfortable with just a writing coach, an attorney who is simply available for guidance as needed while you are navigating the legal process. 

TLS gives you the table of contents, you choose your own adventure. TLS will even work with you on royalties to ensure that the cost of whatever role you choose for your attorney fits within your chosen budget for legal help.

Legal Services

The Law Shop offers unbundled legal services for a variety of legal matters, such as family and juvenile law cases, residential real estate transactions, estate planning and probate, adult guardianships, and conservatorships.

In most cases, TLS starts with the scheduling of a Shop Evaluation. The Shop Evaluation is a 40-minute session with a TLS attorney designed specifically for you to share your story, learn about the legal process, and discuss options and costs for different types of assistance TLS can provide should you decide to proceed with their team.

At the core of TLS, which was co-founded by attorneys Amy Skogerson and Andrea McGinn, is the belief that a lawyer’s role in helping you through a particular chapter in your life should be both respectful and positive. You should also have a say in whether and how you want to be represented by your attorney. TLS provides access to legal representation that is willing to work with you to meet your own budgetary goals. These concepts are why TLS attorneys, whenever possible and appropriate, focus less on the past and more on building a plan for the future of you and your family.

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