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mom favoritesWho else loves getting recommendations from other moms?

This post has some VERY random things- but it’s a list of all the things I’ve been loving recently, as well as items I’ve been eyeing. I love lists like these because it gives me so much inspiration and things to check out!

End of Summer Favorites

Whole Brain Child by Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson

I was first introduced to this book through my work as a therapist. As a parent, though, I also felt it greatly resonated with me personally in my approach as a parent. This book has helped shaped me as a parent and has been so useful, especially in more difficult stages in parenting. It really helps parents hone in on their children’s emotional development/intelligence, learn more about brain development and how it works, and figure out the best way to handle parenting situations that promotes mental health. He also gives real-life examples of situations and shows how you can apply the concepts.

Loopy case

I switched to this case a few years ago and haven’t looked back. Their slogan is “stop the drop.” I was constantly dropping my phone as I was juggling the diaper bag and the other million things we moms carry around on the daily. The loop on the back of the case is so easy to hold on to. I can loop it around my fingers while carrying other things without fear of dropping my phone. They just came out with a leopard one and I love it!!

Hair Accessories

Have you guys seen all the fun hair accessories lately!? It’s one trend I’m LOVING! Hair clips, barrettes, and headbands are making a big come back and I’m all for it! I’m loving this turban knot headband from J. Crew and these hairclips from Anthropologie. 

Wide leg pants

Has anyone else tried this trend? Wide leg pants are also coming back and I’m loving them, too! Make sure they hit you at the right spot on the leg and that your waist is defined. Here are some of my favorites: Everlane Wideleg Crop and these Madewell pull-on crop pants.



Target Art Class line

Target’s new Art Class line has so many cute things for young girls. I always feel as though there is some limbo with girls clothes in that my nine-year-old has grown out of some things maturity-wise but the other options look too old. This line perfectly balances her looking like a younger girl but not like a teenager. She got a few different dresses but they also had some really cute tops and light sweaters for fall.



Chatbooks Monthly books

Jenny wrote a post about Chatbooks here. We love this photo printing service and they recently came out with monthly minis- for $5! I just printed June and July and already love this concept! It’s a great way to get those pictures printed and they are also cute to display around your house! 


That’s a few things I’ve been loving lately. I’d love to know some of your favorites!

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