10 Must-Have Craft Supplies to Keep Kids Busy


craft suppliesDuring the dead of winter (or even the heat of summer), when going outside isn’t always pleasant, having a craft or activity closet to raid is a savior! Here are my favorite craft supplies. I love to pull them out for special occasions or on days when we need SOMETHING to do! Hopefully this will give you some new ideas to beat the winter blues or the summer heat.

Craft Supplies for Kids

Mr. Sketch Markers – Who doesn’t remember these amazing scented markers from childhood? They often go on sale on Amazon, and I snag up a box for when ours dry out! They also have scented twist-up crayons.

Brown Kraft Wrapping Paper – Get a huge roll of this and let the kids go wild. They can make life-size tracings of their bodies, play scenes, race tracks, towns, and more! Look for it at craft supply stores. 

Model Magic – Though my kids love playdoh and it’s reusable, I really like Model Magic because it leads to less mess. I snagged this big box on sale and it’s nice for them to make little creations they can keep. The box I linked also has individual pouches so you can dish out a little bit to each kid and keep the other packs for later. My boys (ages 4, 6, and 9) will play with model magic for over an hour at a time.

Mini White Boards – These are great for playing school, practicing handwriting, and more. 

Pipe Cleaners – These are another no-mess activity. Add in some beads if you want, but kids can create so many things with these from bracelets to statues! You could also make these pipe cleaner finger puppets!

Dot Paints – Sometimes when my kids want to paint, the thought of getting out the water, the brushes, and the paint palettes can be too much. I love having these dot paints around to give them some freedom with painting without all the setup and clean up. There are also lots of dot paint printables like these winter ones.

Pom Poms – Pom Poms are great for crafts (pair them with the pipe cleaners!). They are also great for counting, sorting, and games.

Water Beads – Though I prefer these outside in the summer, if you can keep them contained, water beads are great for play on days you have cabin fever! You have to plan ahead a little to get them hydrated, but they are fun for pretend play with shovels, diggers, and even pretend cooking!

Qixels – If you have ever done pearler beads, but don’t want to get out your iron, Qixels will be your new BFF. These fuse with water, so your kiddos can create without you having to slave over the ironing board. You can also make 3D creations!

What craft supplies do you have for long days inside?

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craft supplies

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